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What kinds of Facebook posts do you hate the most?

Asked by janbb (62918points) July 3rd, 2016

Just for fun, let’s diss some types of FB postings. I hate the snobby ones that say, “95% of people won’t see “X”. Share this if you do.” And the emotional blackmail ones that say, “I know only a few of my friends will read this and I know those who will. Copy and paste this to show me that you are my friend.”

Which are your least favorite kinds of posts?

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I hate those too. I also hate the mass ones about “You don’t care about those suffering from cancer…....blah blah blah….copy and paste.”
My ex, the kids’ dad, posted one and it worried me. I sent him a text and a FB message asking if everyone was OK. No response.
I finally called him. He said that no one had cancer he just shared it for whatever stupid reason.

Just need to select, “I don’t want to see posts like this.” Don’t know how much good it will do.

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Two that I especially loathe are when a pic is posted of some terminally sick kid with the instruction that you’re heartless & evil if you don’t like & share.
The second is a recent trend which places 17.4 million Leave voters in the bracket of ignorant, stupid, racist or xenophobic…unbelievably crass mentality

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I dropped FB in 2011 after about 18 months. I was bored to tears with the endless, blow by blow accounts of peoples kitchen remodels, home improvement projects, hum drum, mundane, daily crap that many think the entire world is interested in. I don’t care about your BBQ’d Pork roast. haha
The 8,237 daily photos of their kids, grandkids and gold fish doing cute things and the bottomless pit of vacation photos.

I only had about 17 “friends”, real life friends and friends of friends I knew. I had no desire to have 500 ‘friends” and the endless requests and stupid games just weren’t my thing at all.

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@Coloma Yup – it’s not some people’s thing. I find enough of value from the friends I’ve selected that it’s worth it to me to stay and some judicious winnowing or selective “hide this type of post” solves much of the frustration.

This is a just for fun question sparked by one of those annoying to me posts.

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post with out any message simply a link that looks spammy and irritating.

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Welcome to Fluther @rd21!
The hate of political candidates bothers me. Actual venom spewing hate over the candidate you are not for. I usually unfriend those people.

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Share if you love Jesus.
Scroll past if you don’t want him in your life.

I am a Christian, and that shit just pisses me off.

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Two more prayers and so-and-so will live through the disease… and stuff like that.

Actually anything that calls for prayer from anonymous people is sort of off-putting.

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Sick of hearing politics even from the friends I agree with. Just want to go two seconds without hearing about it every once in a while.

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@Mariah OMG..yes, even wothout being on FB I am so sick of peoples political ravings.

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@Mariah Mine seems to be in a bit of a lull politically now that the candidacies are all but decided but oh! that fishy porn! :-)

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A BILLION variations on the “inspirational” advice that amounts to “Fuck those that don’t accept you as you are.”

Yeah, it’s good policy in general but fuck.

I get it, you’re a widow, but you’re independent and sassy, you have eight cats and a red hat that doesn’t go.

(Emotionally) mature women are my weakness, but your sappy post is frankly a turn off.

Make your own statement. I’ll be far more impressed.

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Oh, and POLITICAL MEMES, especially from the Left.

Ooooooh, it sounds so CLEVER, so it’s got to be true.

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- Any pretentious posts. Things like life lessons or smart-ass remarks that look like they have been copy-pasted somewhere or made up by a teenager’s over-rommatic mind. At first sight they may look wise and cool, but they’re actually crap. I especially hate posts in foreign languages. Come on, you really think knowing a foreign language is something only your powerful brain can do?
– Cryptic self-pity posts. People with this kind of posts never fully tell anyone what really happened, just some short sentence like “Why life so cruel” or even just the feeling. But when any well-intention person ask them what is wrong, they just disappear. There is this dilemma: the posters always seem to be very depressed, nervous and need to deal with their problem fast, yet they still have time to post on Facebook. Some posts seem to be intended for certain people only, the ones who were there with the posters when it happened. Well, I strongly suggest you PM them all then. Save everyone a lot of trouble too.
– Selfies in exotic places. What are you trying to achieve here? Showing everyone you are so rich and fortunate that you can go to places no one can? I don’t object to selfies when you are travelling, but when you post more than 30 pictures of you going to different places a day you really have a problem.
– Sharing of “who are you based on your Facebook profile” links. Are you really THAT dumb not to know those tests gather your account’s information for the result? With that they can do all sorts of nasty things to your privacy. You like to have your presonal information stolen that much don’t you? And you are so proud about that your share it to everyone and tell them to take the test too. Oh, and the tests themselves suck too.

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The “copy and paste this to your wall” crap that is so common lately, I don’t know why.

The photos of sick kids with “Say Amen to show you care” crap.

Photos of food. We’ve all been there, done that with incredible meals. No need to document it. Once in a while, if someone makes something exceptional, then it’s ok. You baked an incredible looking cake and you’re proud of it? Show me the photo. Your scrambled eggs and toast on a paper plate, no.

Photos of drinks. I don’t see the point, no matter if it’s a plain drink or a fancy drink.

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The political pontifcation and the stream of comments it generates. Even family thinks it is ok. I basically only have family and close friends on my fb

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Most recently there have been a spate of “real life” animal rescues. Videos of these poor, mutilated or starved animals are popping up, and then they get rescued!! On video!! However, I’m starting to have a sickening feeling that the videos are staged from beginning to end.

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I hate holidays on Facebook. I don’t need 100+ people reminding me what day it is. Everyone posts pictures of what they are doing and eating.

Here’s an idea- enjoy the day without sharing every detail on the internet.

Mother’s Day and Christmas are the worst for me because I miss my Mom.

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I love it when they post “Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Sunday!”...a week or two early. :D I wonder how many sheeps do just that.

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I’m tired of scrolling through hundreds of posts and photos of people’s bosses’ niece’s kids and weddings and relatives on their death beds (people I don’t know and have never met, nor ever heard of) because THEY (the stranger to me) made their post public and when one of my known friends “liked” it or merely commented on it, that post (and hundreds of others like it) were sent to my newsfeed. Please don’t make your posts public, people!

Any post that involves Jesus, asking me to pray, a request for me to type “Amen”! Especially the ones that involve a photograph of a child covered in boils. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Christian, nor do I follow any religion. Everyone who knows me in real life (and lots of my Fluther friends) know that. I don’t go around posting Atheistic or Agnostic posts on Facebook, but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t post them to my religious friends.

Nasty ranting political posts. Especially ones that are from the opposing side, and posted by my cousin who knows full well that I oppose her candidate and stance on guns. Keep that shit to yourself and your cronies people!

I also got real tired of one acquaintance constantly posting memes that suggested how ugly she was. The poor girl suffered from anxiety and depression, and needed to lose about 100 pounds, but instead of doing anything to address any of those problems, she would just keep posting memes about how no one ever called her up to do stuff, how ugly she was, and how depressed she was. I’m not sure what she expected us to do. It would have been highly offensive to agree with her, but disingenuous to say the opposite. I tended to gently suggest that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself, that she shouldn’t post negative memes because of the fact that negativity tends to attract more negativity, and I would give her information on where she could find help for depression and anxiety. She never responded to any of that. She would only respond to the “friends” who would say that they too were ugly, depressed and full of anxiety. It was like a love fest for the disenfranchised, but I think she reveled in the attention it got her, even though it was mostly negative attention. Face palm.

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I hate Facebook. I joined once, and all the bullies I used to go to school with started messaging me, I thought ’ I don’t need this crap ’. And deleted my account.

A girl I used to work with would post rubbish like, I’ve just eaten a cheese sandwich, yum.

I just think there has to be more to life.

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I dont have FB, but i’m guessing the posts on facebook are somewhat similar to those on Instagram that I see.
I hate the ones about cancer that say “i bet only 1% of the people who see this will repost, that 1% actually cares.”
Yes, cancer is terrible, but I bet that most of the people who do share those pictures actually donate money to help people with cancer.
Just all those posts that are just so people get likes that say that if you keep scrolling then you’re a bad person, etc.
Offensive rants. It’s ok to have an opinion, but unless it’s a good one, maybe just keep it to yourself and don’t share it on the internet.

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I am also not fond of the “Fluther is down again” posts.

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Posts complaining about how others use Facebook.

I’m sure I’m guilty of this. I never said I was a role model.

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I hate it when people air their own, personal dirty laundry.

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