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What could cause a huge ink-like black spot on the bed?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) July 4th, 2016

I woke up with a huge black ink-like stain on my white sheets, which seemed to soke all the way through to the bed pad. I saw a few marks on my pillow case. The spot is close to the top of the bed, where my chest or head could have been. I have no hair coloring and wore a head covering to sleep in. Has anyone experience this before? I tried googling it, but to results.

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Do you have a cut or a spot that maybe you picked or scratched while asleep?

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Material your mattress is made of. Is it high quality or the more economical type?

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It is black to gray. Not blood at all. And its “huge”. Am not blooding not have anything else noticably wrong with me

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High quality. Its not from the mattrass.

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Pet octopus?
Just squidding ;-}

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You could have squished a fully engorged bed bug. Do you have a sore on your body, from a bed bug bite?

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Is there an open pen in clothing or the bedding, whose ink got sucked out of it?

Or, anything dripping from the ceiling? Does it seem to have come from under the sheets/blanket? Is it on your body too?

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Maybe you have had your first period? Ask your mom. I’m out of ideas.

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Define “huge”.

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@Heather13 You mention your head/hair was covered. Was there anything on your hair that could have been the culprit? A mystery.

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Do you read in bed? Take any notes while you read? Use a pen to take the notes? I’m guessing from your original description of “ink-like” that this actually is an ink stain. It’s the most likely cause, so I’d be looking hard to find that pen.

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No pen. No blood. No period. Nothing with black or dark color was on my bed.

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Are you sure it wasn’t there when you got into bed?

Are there other kids in the house who might have been playing a prank on you?

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Does it have any kind of odor?
Is it—or was it—damp?

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Is it possible to take a photo of the stain and post it?

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On another thread, the OP says she’s in her thirties. There’s also some history with her mother that might be a factor in this situation.

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Spill a glass of wine?

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How big is huge?
Is it a pillow top?
Any odors present?
Do you sleep in clothing or nude?
Do you go to bed with wet hair on a regular basis?
Any chance of mildew or reasons for mildew? Have you looked at your ceilings?
Was the staining only on the mattress or is it also on sheets?
Do you sleep in the same spot/position each night?
Sweat stains?
Combination of sweat and mold?
Do you have a Serta? Could it be a mush spot?
Any way to look inside the mattress?

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Not wet. Not odor. No kids in the house. It wasnt there when I went to bed. I had pulled back the spread before goung into bed. And it was white. How could I post a photo of it here? I checked everything to make sure whether or not it was from hair, clothes, skin. But nothing else has this stain.and the way it sits, its a bit roundish

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No. And I can tell is not ink. It just reminds me of how ink stains.

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Its more coming from the top sheet towards mattress. Its only towards my head. Chest area. Towards the top of the bed. Almost I. The middle of the top. Its not a sweat or dirt type stain.

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Do you have a cat? Cat pee?

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Do you heat your bed with an electric blanket? It could be a scorch mark.

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Clearly aliens are involved.

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No Animals.

@cazzie No electrical blanket (It’s Summer)

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You mentioned you slept with a head covering. Have you looked at that? There may have been something on there that smeared onto the sheet.

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It’s summer where you are, Heather13. Not all of live where there is summer now.

Maybe you climbed inside the chimney in you sleep and went back to bed.

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What colour is/was your head/hair covering?

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Had you eaten or drunk anything just before bedtime? (Especially anything alcoholic.)

Does the shape of the spread look like it was liquid? Is it evenly colored or darker in the center or what?

Is “huge” a few inches or a few feet?

You can post a picture on some image hosting site and then post a link to it here. Include something that indicates scale.

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@Jeruba‘s instruction are useful. Just to add – Imgur is easy to use. Here’s a random photo I just uploaded to it.

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Sweat? Bed bugs? No idea. A picture would definitely help.

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Or any indication of the actual size.

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And…is it still there, or has it disappeared?

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Wish poster would come back and answer some of these questions.

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Perhaps she’s been swallowed up by the emerging black hole? Or it was some form of alien being that’s taken over her body?

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Cephalopod based alien, must have been.

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Come to think of it, I haven’t seen loli around Fluther in a bit. Maybe zhe’s foraging.

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