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Why are the Summer Olympics in Rio this month?

Asked by filmfann (47819points) July 8th, 2016

Isn’t it Winter in South America?

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It’s the tropics. It’s always Summer.

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Sure, go ahead, be a literalist.

You do know that, according to conservationists, literalists are runing this county.

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Because Rio is hot!

@rojo runing the country like the Norsemen?

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@rojo- which County?

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Because the Rio authorities paid the Olympic committee more bribe money than any others. Plus it’s apparently always warm there.

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et tu ‘ditoroso?

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Nothing about the 2016 Summer Olympics makes sense. Why should the season be any different?

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Average high temperature in Rio by month.

Jan 30.2C 86.4F
Feb 30.2C 86.4F
Mar 29.4C 84.9F
Apr 27.8C 82.0F
May 26.4C 79.5F
Jun 25.2C 77.4F
Jul 25.0C 77.0F
Aug 25.5C 77.9F
Sep 25.4C 77.7F
Oct 26.0C 79.0F
Nov 27.4C 81.3F
Dec 28.6C 83.5F

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Has anyone told @Seek about people “Runing this country”, @rojo??
She might want to be the spokesperson.

But, to the question.
At the time the Olympics was awarded, Brazil was swimming in oil money, instead of shit. The Olympic Committee was thrilled to award the games to a non-totalitarian government willing to throw barrels of money at an enterprise that all prestige, no profit. Brazil was tickled to pretend they’re First World. There was money for the vast, VAST improvements required, and hosting the Olympic’s put things like, oh, say, not dumping Rio’s raw sewage into the ocean, on the fast track.
The the price of oil tanked.
Now Micheal Phelps will have to be fortified with as much antibiotics as a factory farmed hog in order to fend off the turds pollution in Rio’s water.

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It’s in Rio because they got picked to host.
(Average August high temp.; 78 degrees. low temp. 66. Average rainfall 2.0”)

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As long as they rune it in Elder Futhark, I’m fine. I’d hate to have to learn a new alphabet.

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@ibstubro Michael Phelps won’t be in the polluted water. The pools are fine.

The river/beach/lake events are the problem; triathlon, sailing, rowing, etc.

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But, @Call_Me_Jay my answer was based on The waters where Olympians will compete in swimming and boating events.

I had the same thought. That he swam in a chlorinated pool.

My point is unchanged.

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Polluted water isn’t the only problem.

And I do hope that these games crash and burn so they hopefully just have them in Greece until the Sun explodes.

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I feel badly for the athletes, but there is something rather appalling in the realization that the economic consequences in cancelling the games trumps all other considerations. The one event guaranteed to assure the quick entrenchment of a baby killing pathogen world wide throughout the tropics where poverty is endemic and medical countermeasures nonexistent. It’s the sort of risk no ethical enterprise would ever sanction. The horrors stacking up in Brazil may finally put an end to what is increasingly recognized as a flawed and corrupt racket financially enriching a select few hustling elitists. One factor little reported (for obvious reasons) in Brazil’s hosting the games is the growing sophistication in the populations of first world venues most capable of absorbing the financial beating the games ALWAYS leave behind. Elected officials are coming to discover that no possible bribe is worth the wrath of a public hostile to notorious Olympic sized fleecing of public treasuries.

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