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Why would a girl avoid you in front of her friends?

Asked by negative (93points) July 8th, 2016

She was with her friend and I called her name. She was in hearing distance, but she pretended not to hear. I have noticed she is open and friendly when no one’s around. If someone else is around she changes her attitude and diverts her attention to something else. I asked her about it but she kept silent

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The girl is afraid that you will embarrass her.

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Either you embarrass her or she is embarrassed that she likes you and doesn’t want anyone else to know.

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She wants to keep it secret from others for one or other reason. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ashamed of liking you.

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How old are you? How old is she? It makes a difference.

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You haven’t told us your age or situation. I’m guessing you’re a teenager. If yes, the answer is: the girl needs to grow up.

Pretending not to know someone is an adolescent move. I regret that I did that same thing during high school. I’d make terrific friends off the grid, such as artists, musicians, math whizzes, photographers, drama club members, and other interesting people, only to be secretive around the cool kids. What a pity.

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We are grown up adults from a part of world where society view boy and girl in a hypocritical manner

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How do they view men and women in a hypocritical manner? Or did you mean “Hypercritical”? If so, then the answer is obvious.

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I belong to a place where we have certain social structure where some people consider themselves as superior due to their race or birth and for them i belong to lowest wrung.

Now the girl is above my range and my affair is like farmer boy loving a princess ..

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@negative That must be hard, coping with those cultural mandates. :-(

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India? What you’ve described sounds much like a caste system.

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Well, that must be your answer then.

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Not india ..

Its about the reputation or the history or status of ones country tat deciding my position here in this place.
For example like a richest man from somalia may seems to an average joe from developed country as naive or unappealing..

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Now the question is ..wat now

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Well, gosh. Can you ever be in a position to date her?

imrainmaker's avatar that case the girl should show some courage if she really likes you.. otherwise it’ll go on like this…or you’ll have to show your worth somehow.

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Maybe she’s just a bitch…

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You are a friend of convenience (for her, not you), not a friend she wants her real friends to know about. She uses you. Get it?

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This girl is insecure around those other people. If she was truly secure, she would act the same around everyone.

When you called her name in front of her friends, she was embarrassed. Maybe her friends have a superiority complex or something and she feels like she has to fit in

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One day i gave her a candy but she got a serious look on her face and asked me ” why i am giving her “and she refused to take it, but as she saw her friend coming to to our side the next second she took the candy and put it in her bag and acted like nothing really happend ..

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She doesn’t seem like a very pleasant girl to be around. Why would she get so offended about you giving her candy? A simple act of kindness? I would not waste your time with her. She has some self esteem issues she needs to work on.

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Evidently, she is thinking and feeling in a way that is not including you. Even if she likes you, she is, by all appearances, not showing it in front of other people. In a social system like the one you are describing, why would you want to go against the flow? Love and relationships are hard enough when those things are not a major factor, so why spend your time and energy in such a pointless and tiresome pursuit? It will drain you emotionally.

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