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Anyone else getting slow page turns or "500 error" messages?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (26827points) July 12th, 2016

2:45 PM ET repeated 500 error messages and up to a minute for a page turn. Anyone have that problem?

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No. Everything is working okay.

9:40 AM Hawaii Time on July 12, 2016

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It’s OK here. On a desk top.

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Seems fine here.

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5 hours ago, around 3pm ET. I had a helluva time sending a PM. Kept getting 500s. No problem since. Laptop.

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I had a short run of those last night (about 20 hours ago).

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I did get the internal error page, once, earlier today, not sure of the exact time. It is now 7:40 pm and things are running smoothly.

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