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How do you get to be a Prime member of Amazon and what are the perks?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) July 16th, 2016

I buy from Amazon but am not a prime member and want to
know what I am missing. Can someone let me know?

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You pay a membership fee and it’s usually worth it

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It’s 100 dollars per year, 50 dollars if you are a student. You get free two day shipping on Prime items (probably at least half the items on Amazon have the blue “Prime” logo in their details). You get reduced prices on shipping other items. You get free movie and music streaming.

They recently had Prime Day this past Tuesday and they were giving free 30 day Prime memberships for trial basis.

I’ve had Prime for about 3 years now. I love it because if I need something, it’s easier than going shopping searching for it. It will be here in two days which is easier than planning on the store search and trying to find free time to do it.

Of course, not everything is cheaper on Amazon and not everything that is “Prime” is cheaper than some things that are not Prime, but then you’d either have to pay for shipping or, if there are items from other sellers that DO have free shipping, it’s not coming in two days.

Before I did Amazon Prime, I used to wait to buy the minimum of $25 worth of stuff to get free shipping, but it’s not two day shipping, it’s regular shipping which could take a week or more.

Sometimes if I’m buying something and i don’t necessarily need it in two days, I choose (there’s an option for it) to forego the free two day shipping and I make it “regular 3–5 day shipping” and then you can get a dollar credit toward Prime Pantry or video rental.

I often try to buy things from Amazon Smile, which is where you choose a charity and 1% of your purchase goes toward the charity. The charity I’ve chosen is Forgotten Felines, which is a cat rescue, vaccinate, TNR -trap, neuter, return organization.

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Like any other membership, if the benefits outweigh the costs it’s a good deal. For @jca, apparently it works that way, for me it wouldn’t be worth it. I have a more flexible schedule, I don’t tend to need 2 day shipping, and I have time to shop in brick and mortar stores.

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I’ve been a Prime customer for years. Totally wortth the $99 (plus tax) for a year). The two main perks are free movies and free, 2-day Amazon delivery.

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One thing I use it for is if I want to buy a certain type of item, for example “lace shirt tunic length” I can type in those terms and see hundreds of items in the parameters I’m looking for. If I were looking for something like that from a store, it would take many stores, most likely, to find something specific like that.

I took the Amazon book discount for granted until I went to buy a book recently from Barnes and Noble, and I realized the nice Amazon discount.

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So many other things like prime music. That $100 saves us much more over the course of a year.

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Yep, the 2 day, no shipping charges delivery is especially worth it. I just ordered a memory foam mattress and if you order large items like furniture etc. it is well worth the yearly fee.

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I love Prime but you do not get free movies on your computer (desktop).

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When I was considering paying for Prime membership a few years ago, I came up with a rough average of how much I typically spent on shipping charges. I divided the (then) cost of Prime membership by that amount and got 7.

What that meant to me was that if I used Amazon 7 or more times in a year, the membership paid for itself. And in fact I used it about 20 times a year, most heavily during December. So there was no contest in my mind. I still save money even at $99.

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I live in a rural location, so the fee is worth it for us. Without Prime I would need to travel 30–60 miles to hopefully find what I’m looking for.

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We’ve been Prime Members for years. We find the prices are better on Amazon a lot of the time (although if we’re in a Best Buy store and find the same item at Amazon for less, Best Buy will do a price match)—and I use Prime Music, Prime Movies/Shows (a bit like NetFlix) and because I really hate shopping and really like having things delivered to my door, I like to shop online. Amazon is the most reliable, does a great job with returns and because our city is now a “hub” we have PrimeNow. It’s sort of like “Uber” for a subset of Amazon items.
Basically, I can order a pint of ice cream and have it at my door in about an hour, still perfectly frozen.
This is pretty nifty considering I live in an exurb and have on a rural mail route. (I think we live in a rural area. We have our own well, septic and no one in our area has less than 3 acres).

So, because we live far away from shopping, get great prices and quick delivery, we more than make up our Prime membership fee every year. We do our Christmas nearly entirely on Amazon – so shipping expenses the month of December alone probably make up the membership.

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You can easily find it on the Amazon site.

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