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None of the channels on my Roku are loading except Netflix. What could be wrong?

Asked by AshlynM (10547points) July 21st, 2016

They were all working just fine before. This problem just started today.

The only one that works is Netflix. All the others kick me back to the homescreen. Has anyone esle experienced this?

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Also, the option to send videos to the Roku no longer appears in the youtube app on my tablet. I’ve tried reinstalling the Youtube channel but it doesn’t install. Why do none of the channels work except Netflix?

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Try this.
Let me know if it works. I think mine is also having some issues but I haven’t used it in weeks.

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Now it says can’t run channel because it could not be reinstalled from the network. Then it gives me two options of checking the network or cancel. However, Netflix still loads fine. I can still watch a news video from the news category. I am still connected to the internet.

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I would do a reset by unplgging the power for 30 seconds and then letting it restart.
I have had some minor glitches over the years and that fixes it. Ressetting my netwrk connection also fixes some things.

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What @LuckyGuy said has worked for me also.

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The roku os hangs like this, just reset the device and it should start working.

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Perhaps it needs a software update

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I unplugged everyhing from the Roku that connects to the tv. I updated the internet connection. Seems to have resolved the issue for now, I can now load all the channels. First time it lost the network connection.

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@AshlynM The Roku unit should be programmed to automatically search and retrieve any firmware or software updates.

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