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What did Trump say that makes anyone associate him with the Constitution?

Asked by flo (12974points) July 28th, 2016

If there’s more than one I’m asking for the list of things. Gingrich, (when Ted Cruz spoke at the RNC) made it sound like it’s obvious.

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He talked about the second amendment.

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It’s not important. No matter who you vote for, the government wins.

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@SmartAZ :: Yeah totally irreverent. If McCain won in 2008 I would probably still have gotten health insurance and my gay buddy would have been able to get married too.

So yeah.. Elections are totally stupid and the result is always the same.

If you think the difference between Clinton and Trump is nothing you should rethink your username.

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@johnpowell the president is about as important as the figurehead on the bow of a ship: he has no control over which way the ship of state goes, but he is always the first person at the scene.

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I think he may have used the word once or twice but that was just to keep the gullible following him.

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He’s in support of the second amendment. He’s vowed to cancel the illegal executive orders. He’s vowed to enforce our immigration laws.

That’s just off the top of my head and I see little point in looking up more. Everyone here has already made up their minds.

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Associating Trump with the Constitution is a futile exercise in wish fulfillment.

If he could get away with it, he’d much prefer a dictatorship with him answerable to no one.

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@SmartAZ ”...he has no control over which way the ship of state goes”
But he does, sometimes, if he uses the executive order thing.

@Jaxk Everyone here has already made up their minds. “Everyone”?? You shot yourself in the foot with that word. The KKK people for example have made up their mind, they don’t even need to know what he says about the job or health care etc. Do you mean aaallllll the Trump supporters are KKK members and the like?

And isn’t Trump against executive orders so how can he be doing the same thing he is against?

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@Jaxk You just have to be Trump’s mom or something. That is the only explanation. If he admires Sadam Hussein Kim Jong Il, Putin how can he be constitution friendly? I suppose he’s being sarcastic or joking? See @Buttonstc‘s post if you haven’t.

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@Jaxk Just to be clear, there are 26 other Amendments to the Constitution besides the 2nd and I haven’t heard mention of any of the others. So, he is One for Twenty-seven,

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Aren’t the Sadam Hussiens terrorists?

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@flo – Trump said Putin was a strong leader. You’d have to have your head in the sand not to recognize that. He said that Saddam was good at killing terrorists. Debatable but not high praise. He said that Kim Jong Un should be given credit for taking over N. Korea at 25 but he also called Kim a manic and killer. Hardly praise.

I’m sure there is some point in your KKK comment but I have no idea what it is. Maybe you should spend a little less time on those far left web sites and a little more on what is actually said and done. I doubt you’d change your mind but at least you’d make more sense.

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