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Are you surprised no one has dug up this video of Trump?

Asked by JLeslie (61064points) July 28th, 2016 from iPhone

Would it help him? It’s from years ago. Way before he announced running for president. It’s not quite Undercover Boss, but he spent time learning what his staff does. Here is the link

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I’m so over trump. Right now it’s mudslinging on both sides. I have no interest in Trump history or Clinton history and what they did or didn’t do 5 years ago.

My concern is for now and the future.

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Surprised? I’m whelmed!

Not overwhelmed, just whelmed.

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I can’t see how anyone would change their mind about Trump after watching that clip. It was on the Oprah show and it was some footage of him carrying luggage which he admitted that he never even carries his own and walking a dog. Did he learn from it how the lower class people live? Does he treat people as equals now because of it? I have not seen evidence as such so I’m not sure how this clip has any relevance to his running for POTIS

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I think it shows some good management but I doubt it would have much impact on the general public.

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I don’t think it would change anyone’s mind, I just think it’s a fluff thing about him his supporters might like.

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It was a fluff piece apparently produced by Oprah.
There’s nothing there that could hurt him, and there’s no way Oprah’s going to sign off on letting Trump use something that could help him.


You notice that his idea of handing luggage is handing it to the real bellhop.

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What a swell guy.

You’ve nothing to fear, America. Trump will manage you well.

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