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Trump guys: If he does make America great again, how will you experience that?

Asked by Jeruba (51652points) July 29th, 2016

I don’t mean as a notion. I mean as a reality or force that will make a difference in your life.

If Trump is elected and accomplishes the goal stated in his slogan, how will it affect you directly?

And anyway, how will you know when it’s been accomplished? Again, not just as rhetoric but as experience.

Tags as I wrote them: Trump, 2016 election, USA, greatness, slogans, empty rhetoric.

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I’m more of an anyone but Hillary guy. I voted for Bernie in the primary.

Who knows what Trump will or will not do if elected? But I know for sure that if Trump is elected then that will keep Hillary from being president (at least for another 4 years) and that will make some sort of difference in my life. Don’t know what good, bad or ugly that change would be.

Trumps said that he’ll reduce taxes and quickly lower the national debt. It would be pretty easy to determine if he succeeds in that area. Or if he gets Mexico to build a huge wall. Or if he renegotiates NAFTA or with trade with China for better deals, crack down on terrorists, etc.

In the grand scheme my vote for Trump will be meaningless because I live in very liberal Washington State.

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I can’t think of a humorous reply. That’s bad.

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I will be instantly relegated to a second class citizen.

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@gondwanalon Your “anything is better than this” attitude is what brought the National Socialists to power in Germany begining in 1923. Be very careful of what you wish for.

Trump is an unknown quantity with every symptom of megalomania and has shown himself to be extremely irresponsible in his speech. He preaches hate. Clinton, for all her faults, is a known quantity with forty years of political experience. We know what to expect from her. Trump has proven himself not so much as an outsider but a loose cannon on deck. This is a fool without a firm political machine behind him and will be made even a greater fool before the more experienced politicians on the world stage. Especially Putin. He is breakfast for Putin and Putin knows it.

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Just for him. Tax cuts for the billionaires.

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(Not that I believe in his proposed method).

The chances I will lose a job opportunity to one not legally qualified to hold it will fall to near zero.

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@Espiritus_Corvus C’est la vie. Que sera sera. And may the best of these two highly flawed candidates win.

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White conservative males will assume their rightful, God given position of leadership.
Segregation will come back.
Women will become second class citizens, along with Jews, Hispanics, Asians and all other non-white people.
Abortion will become illegal.
Gay marriage will become illegal, and homosexuality will be illegal.
Lynching will be ignored, but only if it is done by a white, conservative, Christian male.

You know…all that stuff that we did when America was “great.”

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Trump will make America great again by leaving office and handing over to someone competent.

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As a white person, I’ll often say the following words – Thank you for the warning, Officer.

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I expect the cost of regulation to come down. That is a direct cost to me and I will be able to see it clearly. I expect the economy to begin to grow, more jobs and more expendable income. That also will have a direct impact on my business. Those are the two things that I expect to have a tangible impact on me personally but there are few others that very well may create a tangible difference. Maybe housing prices going back up in my area. Maybe if the Democrats in California begin to see how jobs and economic growth is created, they may also start passing similar legislation. All right that last one was over the top. Expecting Democrats to create economic growth is an unrealistic goal.

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That’s a ridiculous statement, @Jaxk. We had the highest economic growth ever under JFK.

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Someone is quoting Conservative GOP/Tea Party rhetoric.

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I don’t have a single clue.

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JFK was hardly a Democrat as they are known today.

Silly @Jaxk ,

Don’t you realize practically no one here is interested in an informed, level headed, mater of fact, emotion free defense of Donald J. Trump?

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@Dutchess_III@SecondHandStoke is right on. If you recall JFK lowered taxes and his tenure was before the massive boom in regulation. Not mention that his reign was before we sent all our manufacturing overseas. I suspect the regulation and sending manufacturing over seas are related.

Today’s democrats seem to think 1% growth is good. We just heard the DNC bragging about how good they’ve done with the economy. 1.2% I believe is the number that just came out. Pretty pathetic.

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@SecondHandStoke – No one here wants a defense of Trump, level headed or otherwise.

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@Dutchess Abortion will become illegal. Gay marriage will become illegal, and homosexuality will be illegal. Lynching will be ignored, but only if it is done by a white, conservative, Christian male.

That’s a bit over the top, isn’t it? He can’t do that all on his own. It’s the equivalent of the right shouting “Obama is going to take our guns!” We hear the same lines every election cycle and the worst never happens.

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You have it backwards. A president does not make the nation, the nation makes a president. We have a representative form of government. If the politicians seem corrupt, it’s because they represent a corrupt electorate.

THIS is the nation that made Kennedy: a public figure speaks in a parking lot while a kid plays with a toy pistol that is indistinguishable from a real one. Not the other way around.

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I’m not seeing very much in the way of assertions that “If Trump makes America great again, my life will be different (and better) in the following way:  ——.” Don’t his supporters have any concrete expectations?

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I think it is on the backs of minorities. And only rich white right handed men would have progress rights in USA. Human rights would go back 300 years.

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I know it was over the top, @jonsblond. But if Trump could have his way, alone, that’s what would happen. I mean, what does this “I want the old America back again,” even mean? Back when a large portion of the population was excluded from decision making or from having “inalienable” rights?

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@Jaxk What exactly are the over regulations you are burdened by? Other than health care, which I contend should be single payer rather than employer based, what regulations should be eased to make your business more profitable?

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I think it’s an impossible task, and you’re well aware of it. You deserve many more GQs for it, because it forces those asked to face plausible reality with Trump in the equation. @Jaxk has attempted to mount a rational defense of expectations to be had under a Trump Presidency, by picking the 2 “promises” common to all politicians of a conservative stripe. The problem is that the 2 acceptable and traditional LIES are lost and obscured in the enormous pile of fantastical promises which render Trump clearly certifiable. I have a grudging respect for @Jaxk, but there can be no greater mistake than to insert Trump in any sentence involving the achievements of Kennedy. Or so I would have thought until “defense of Trump” immediately preceded “level headed.”

I rag on the Donald a lot, but it’s crucial to understand that there is no reconciling the things he says. He either believes them, or he doesn’t. For the absurd stuff like the wall or excluding Muslims from the country. If he believes them, he is unquestionably unfit for public office and there can be NO other conclusion. But what about the other possibility raised by one of his fans. “He doesn’t believe that silly stuff, that’s just to whip up the rubes”. It’s the “he’s not talking to me” explanation. But the point is missed that if he’s not talking to me, I certainly will never prove it by voting for him. Pandering to the lowest common denominator has been a reliable conservative tactic since the Republican party wrestled the technique away from the Democrats with the Southern strategy, but Trump is beyond the pale and so far beyond it that it is impossible to listen to him, then apporove of him and walk away with your integrity intact. This is why the man has successfully destroyed the Republican party. There can be no intellectual consistency to the party with him leading it, and the only nightmare surpassing the current situation for those compelled to defect in droves—- the only thing worse would be the man’s election. RIP GOP.

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@zenvelo – It’s not easing of regulations that I need but rather a slow down in the volume of new regulations. New regulation has averaged about $25,000 per year. Once I’ve complied, it does me no good to have the regulations removed since I’ve already sunk those costs. I’ve replaced my POS system twice not because there was anything wrong with it but because of regulatory changes that required it. I’ve changed the air filtration system for my underground storage tanks twice. The first time for miniscule change in vapor emissions and the second time because the system the state made me install was condemned by the fire department. The changes are coming so fast that the new equipment to comply isn’t getting fully tested and I can only install what the state has approved (no options on my part).

Remember when they outlawed the 100 watt incandescent light bulbs? Well apparently the fluorescent lights I had in my store were also outlawed. The bulbs became no longer available. Bang another $25K to replace all the lighting fixtures in the store. Rolling back the regulations on any of these would not help since I’ve already done the upgrades. This has been every year for the past 8 years (I’ve only owned the store for 8 years).

When I installed the new air filtration system, it required a new testing procedure. I pay my maintenance company to do the testing (about $800/year) and I also pay for the inspecter to be there for the testing (even though he never shows up). The testing requires them to pump through about 100 gals of water. Of course the water now is considered hazardous waste. I have no other hazardous waste but since there is more than 25 gals of this water, I need a hazardous waste license (another $5000/yr). And of course I need hazardous waste barrels to put it in and pick up and dumping fees.

I need the regulators to think these things through and do a little cost/benefit analysis. If they are going to make me change my POS system let em do it once, not twice. If I have to add some system take the time to insure it works and capture what is needed for the next few years instead of the next few months. I don’t think what I’m asking is unreasonable. The average citizen doesn’t see the chaotic mess or the unreasonable expense. All they hear is rolling back regulations means repealing child labor laws. There a lot more going on that is invisible to the general public and it’s really killing us.

Sorry for the rant but it’s been pent up for a while now.

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@stanleybmanly – I don’t and won’t defend everything Trump says. He clearly takes things to the extreme. But what most of his followers, myself included, like about him is that he talks more like the common man. Remember that he’s a construction worker and he talks like he’s on a construction site. When he calls Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig, that is not an insult to all women it is an insult to Rosie. Just like when my wife calls me a bastard, it’s not an insult to all men it’s an insult to me. When Trump calls for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, all he really wants is to be sure we know who is coming here. Those in the know have already told us that our vetting process poor at best. It is reasonable to ask that we shore up the process before letting thousands mor into the country. And it can be reasonably enforced by focussing on those from terrorist territories. Surprisingly, most of the country agrees with him. Could he have said better? Of course but calling it a war on Muslims is way over the top.

He’s a bit crude but he is getting better. Personally I would rather have someone crude than to extend the current state of affairs into the foreseeable future. IMHO

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@Jaxk He is not a construction worker, he would like you to think he has that common touch.

He is a real estate developer who had to start with only $1 million that his daddy gave him. But he never lay in a ditch grinding slag off a weld, or swung a hammer making concrete forms.

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@zenvelo – I guess we’ll have to disagree on that one. When his son said they all feel just as comfortable sitting in a Caterpillar as they do their own car, I believe him. Maybe I’m being led astray or maybe your letting you dislike of the rich cloud your judgement. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen things differently.

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My boyfriend might fast-track his foreign residency and come live with me. That won’t make America great. It will be one scientist and educator poorer. There will be a ‘brain drain’ if Trump is elected. The Republicans already undervalue education and science. It will only get worse.

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