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Do you think any of these companies or people will suffer losses for supporting Trump?

Asked by KNOWITALL (20701points) 1 week ago

So here’s a list of companies supporting Trump’s re-election:
– Bang
– inn n out
– chick fil a
– Taco Bell
– McDonald’s
– Wendy’s
– Pizza Hut
– Olive Garden
– Waffle House
– Carl’s Jr.

More here:

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They will lose a small amount of support but gain far in excess of their losses.

People tend to support this administration no matter what libel is spread about them.

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Are we sure this list is accurate? Some tweet by someone and we should be sure it’s true? I feel like we should research it.

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I only go to two of the names on the list, and I won’t change what I do.

Most of the fast food ones on the list are owned by small business people who are local (franchisees) and not the corporation. So not eating at Wendy’s, for example, hurts the local guy and the local teenager, not the corporation president.

So, no changes to my behavior.

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Also, @KNOWITALL – I don’t think the list is accurate. Waffle House hasn’t been political traditionally.

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I posted it quickly from an article, but the names dont matter as much as the answer.

@Dutchess You going to boycott McD’s over Trump? Politics hasnt affected my eating habits but I do boycott Walmart lol

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I hear Chick Fil A discriminates against gays and LGBT-Q, But they’ve never asked if I were gay, or to show my privates. But SOMETHING sure slows down their lines. They support Trump I think.

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@Yellowdog Ya, I dont go there. Some Christians like me arent down with that, it feels hateful to me. Havent gone in like five years but the bread was sweet, kinda gross.

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I bet Popeyes supports him. They make employees say ’ Have a blessed day!’
The kids hate it.

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I agree with @elbandito. Boycotting mostly hurts the little guys.

I boycott Trump by not giving him television ratings. That’s what hurts him most.

Speaking of Chick Fil A. I’ve never been there and neither has my son. He’s transgender. We’ve had this discussion and he thinks the boycott is silly. He’s only heard good things about their chicken and wants to try it. So there’s that.

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I’ve seen very little evidence of Chick Fil A being anti-LGBT-Q just that they sponsor marriage seminars for traditional marriages.

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I polled this group sometime ago about my pillow when the inventor came out as a Trump supporter. Nobody seemed phased by that.

I just had a funny idea. I think Mr My Pillow should supply his wares at the president’s speeches, to friendly things up a bit. People on opposite sides could have pillow fights to take the edge off their aggression. Lol. I would go.

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On rare occasions, I eat at five of the places on the list. Will I stop? Probably not

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Yes, though it’s interesting I already avoid all of those, well, except sometimes one, which I am not avoiding – even thought about that today while driving and seeing one. There are some places I’ve been avoiding for supporting Trump, along with the places and brands I avoid for other reasons of conscience.

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Huge potential loses, for ALL involved. Up to the moronic share holder’s, if that is what they want to suffer for a pathetic, proven, failure, as a business man….

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Some of those I never have eaten at and likely never would anyway. Some I have and never would again. I mean Olive Garden is just ass, so no loss there. And Chik-Fil-A – plenty of places to go to if I want of fix of crappy, overpriced chicken product. Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s? That shit makes me barf.

But no, I won’t necessarily not patronize a business just because of political views. Not unless they’re doing some particular egregious. And for most of these huge, megalithc corporations, such as McDonalds and Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W, Long John Silver) it’s not necessarily about specific social/political stances, but rather purchasing access should they need it.

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This article seems to indicate it’s not true. What do you think?

I live in a place that donates a ton of money to the Republican Party. Every time I buy anything from a retailer where I live I’m giving them money. When I bought my house I basically gave them money. When I was realtor, it wouldn’t surprise me if the realtor organization doesn’t help fund Republicans. It bothers, but it’s not easy to get around some of those things.

I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby unless it is truly the only place I can find what I need (never has been the case) and I don’t eat at Chik Fil a unless I’m with people who want to, then I don’t make a stink.

On that entire list on the tweet the only place I go into with any regularity is McDonald’s, I go about 8 times a year I’d guess. For many years it was more like 4, but lately I’ve been in there a little more than usual. Olive Garden maybe 2 times a year. The rest I don’t even go into once a year, I can go years and never step foot inside.

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@JLeslie Ihop’s not too bad on occasion, the rest I can easily avoid.

Although Dutchess and I have dogs that would be a little upset if their once a month or so McDonalds plain burger isn’t on the menu…lol

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I love McD’s. Lol. If I ate out more, I’d probably eat there more often.

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