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Do doctors use the pain killing (anesthetic) secretion from a female mosquito?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18817points) August 5th, 2016

Can it, or is it, harvested for medical uses?

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The “pain relief” from a mosquito bite is from the saliva, and is also the cause of the allergic reaction.

It would take so much mosquito saliva to anesthetize a human, and then they would turn into a huge itchy bump. Not quite a goal for a research project.

There is Japanese research team trying to make injection needles the same as a mosquito’s proboscis, since it slides easily into the skin.

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@zenvelo mix it with some benadryl and the allergies would might disappear. Milking mosquitos would be the next great thing. The doctor’s milk male funnel web spiders 100 times to make one dose of anti-venom.

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Yes but there is very, very little demand for anti-venom from the funnel web spider. It’s not comparable to the vast and wide spread use of anesthesia.

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