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Where can I find instructions on how to make links and the text big and small?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 1st, 2008

Cant find it anywhere on the fluther site, does any one know where to find it or know the information first hand

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if you look below the box where you type in text for an answer, it gives some examples…also, you can look at the guidelines for more examples.

to make small text put two hyphens in front of and behind the word(s) you are wanting to shrink (make sure there are no spaces between the hyphens and the word. example…

— shrink — (without the spaces between the 2 hyphens on each side and the word, “shrink”) looks like shrink. and a link looks like link when you do this…

” link ” : (when you remove the spaces between the quotation marks and the word “link”)

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I wondered this too. I have seen that text below but was too chicken to try.

I will try it now!

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whispering at the people Yelling to the people linking to the people Forget the people emphasis on the people

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Nicely done, Scrumpulator and mrjadkins!.

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… and let us never forget, but never resort to, SHOUTING AT THE PEOPLE.

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