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Do you miss the pastel-colored facial tissue ("Kleenex") and bathroom tissue we used to have?

Asked by Jeruba (50690points) August 18th, 2016

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I’m not going to argue for something that might have been bad for the environment, like the dyes in paper products, but I do miss them. When tissues have been such a major part of my life, I have welcomed some color and variety.

I like the colored ones for the same reason that I like colored bedsheets and towels: it’s just a relief from visual monotony. Now that they’re all white again, just as they used to be when I was little, they’re wearisomely boring.

Does anybody else even pay any attention to this sort of thing, or is it just my eccentricity?

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Yes. When I first moved into the house I am in now, I had one mauve and one blue bathroom. I really enjoyed getting toilet paper to match the bathrooms. It was part of the fun of the new house.

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I remember blowing my nose with pink tissues and having it look red when wet. I was afraid I had a bloody nose.
White just seems more sanitary to me.

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I had not thought of it at all, so I suppose it’s a “no” from me.

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Is there any regulation or anything that would have caused them to be removed from the market?

A quick google led to a facebook post that says there was a lack of demand. I’m thinking that maybe people are more adverse to unnecessary dyes now then they were before. I know I am.

There is also the extra cost of maintaining multiple machines to inject color into the pulp plus the extra packaging and SKU’s.

And the whole everyone is poor and price sensitive now. If the difference between white and colored is ten cents I would opt to save the cash.

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I do think of them fondly sometimes.

When I was seven years old, one of my chores was to ride my bike up to the corner store three blocks away for little things we needed: half-gallons of milk, toilet tissue, whatever could fit in my bike basket.

I loved picking out a new color every time. Once I brought home brown, and Daddy had a field day with the jokes.

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I’m fine with white tissues (especially since I steal them from hotels mostly!). I don’t think I’ve ever really bothered to buy coloured tissues. I just want them to be soft and available when I need to blow my nose.

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When I taught my adult grandsons how to make tissue flowers, they came in colors and we used to make pretty bouquets.

When I taught my younger grandsons, we used liquid food color and dipped the edges of the white flowers into it. They experimented with color mixing so it was also a learning experience.

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Oh god, I remember these. I hated them back in the 70s and 80s when they were a thing. They seemed so dated even then.

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Colored tissues is a nostalgic look back into a different time, and I remember them with fondness even now.
That said, given the opportunity, I’ve probably always bought white. I think the boxes used to a lot more attractive. I miss Puffs coming in pastel, solid colored boxes. I don’t really need the Minions in my bathroom, thank you very much.

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I forgot about that until I read the question. Yea I miss that stuff.

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When the SO took me to meet his parents, there was a roll of pastel colored toilet tissue in the bathroom. After the initial pang of nostalgia, it looked dated. I prefer white.

Does anyone remember the boxes of facial tissue that were layered in different colors? Once the pink tissues were used up, the next color would pop up.

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^ yes, and I have to say, I do remember making paper flowers with tissues as @YARNLADY suggested. I didn’t realise we can’t get coloured tissues now. I haven’t looked for them.

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It’s been decades hasn’t it? I think there might be something bad about the dyes when it comes to sewage plants and cleaning up the water.

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Shows how important coloured tissues are to me. I don’t know if they’re available here or if not, when they were banned.

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The issue about colored tissue was health. It was determined that the dyes were making people sick. Like toxic shock syndrome, remember that?

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Didn’t like them when they were available, something kind of Barbie-freaky about them. Did not like using coloured toilet paper at other people’s houses. It creeped me out.

Don’t miss them now.

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