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How can I get anitibotics without seeing a doctor?

Asked by chris77 (8points) August 22nd, 2016

I have a gum infection and I don’t have insurance for 3 months

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I think you can’t and shouldn’t take any type of antibiotics without prescription from doctor
That’s not a wise thing to do.

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I totally agree with @imrainmaker but I do suggest you call a dentist office and explain your problem to the nurse. They might be willing to help you at a discount or at least set up some kind of plan for you. And if Ione office con’t help, call others.

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Go to Mexico.

Do you know what type of antibiotic you need? My guess is no. Which means you should see or call a doctor or dentist. If you have seen either in the last year they might just call in prescription and you won’t have to pay to see them. I know what antibiotics will likely cure it, but taking the wrong one would mean spending money on antibiotics twice, and staying sick longer. Plus, you might need more done than just antibiotics.

Call your regular dentist or doctor and tell them you have no insurance. Just to look in your mouth maybe they’ll just charge $50.

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They may try to talk you into charging it on the dental charge card. Do not do that. The interest on that card is astronomical. Ask them to work out a payment plan. This will be easier to do if you have a regular dentist.

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Look for a clinic that provides services for a fee based on your income. They can be free or nearly free.

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Push comes to shove, go to the emergency room. You’ll wait a long time, but you will leave with a prescription. You can Google around for who has the best pharmacy costs. There’s a grocery store here that does certain antibiotics for free.

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Welcome to Fluther.

I’m guessing that you have a job and you’re just waiting for the benefits to kick in, but… I don’t see a way that you can avoid involving a doctor in this process. That is, legally, in the USA.

In the USA antibiotics are not generally sold over the counter. You need a prescription to procure them from a pharmacy, and you need a doctor or dentist (maybe even a psychiatrist, though I can’t imagine why) or other medical professional to write the scrip. (A veterinarian could probably also do it, but I don’t suppose you want to see a vet, and an ethically practicing one would not write a scrip for a human in anything other than a life-or-death scenario. I doubt if the psychiatrist would prescribe antibiotics, either, but he does have the legal right to do so.)

So the question is, what’s the cheapest way to involve a doctor when you’re paying out of pocket? And my answer to that would be to find a walk-in clinic in your area to present your problem and get the scrip, which you can then fulfill at a local pharmacy. You don’t have the time to be able to afford waiting for last call at the Emergency Room if you’re employed – because you would be the last one called, with a non-emergency issue.

Or you could go to Mexico or some other country where antibiotics are sold over the counter…

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Assuming you are down on cash, @Seek has the best, most practical advice here. Take it. Go to the nearest ER or free clinic, or pay a minimum of $75 for a walk-in clinic. Don’t feel guilty about going to the ER or free clinic. You’ve probably already covered the cost in taxes. And you’ll be saving either the taxpayer or some insurance company much greater expense later when the infection either starts doing major damage to your roots and gums, or when it goes systemic and this becomes a real emergency.

Many stores give antibiotics free with prescription nowadays. Being toothless is not only unatractive and severely dries up your potential dating pool—that is the least of your problems—it also causes major dietary deficiencies and the spectrum of problems that go with that. And good luck trying to get a decent pair of teeth without insurance. It’s a long, arduous wait and rarely do the freebies fit properly.

Do it and do it now!

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I’m not recommending this but strictly speaking I am answering your question.
Our local Tractor Supply Co. sells all kinds of antibiotics for livestock. Check out the active ingredients. You will find many look very familiar.
Don’t do this!

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Welcome tomFluther @chris77. What country do you live in? That might help us point you in the right direction.

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@LuckyGuy OMG! I never knew that. I will be checking that out.

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@JLeslie At the equine center the meds are big enough to… well…choke a horse. ;-)

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Your local pet shop has some. Not the best choice, but when I was in high school, that’s how I got ahold of penicillin to treat an STD I didn’t want my parents finding out about.

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Go to the nearest emergency room. You’ll get to see a doctor and you’ll be treated. You may incur some cost, but they’ll bill you, rather than expecting you to pay then and there. And no matter what the ER cannot, by law, refuse to treat you because of an inability to pay (I’m assuming you live in the US). And absolutely do not attempt to treat yourself.

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Go to urgent care or a Walgreens with medical services rather than an ER assuming you are not having extremely serious symptoms like fever or inability to move your jaw from intense pain. An ER visit is a fortune. Don’t you have a credit card? Charge it to the card.

Since everyone went ahead and told you how to get drugs through the back door I’ll go ahead and tell you Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Clindamyacin, and Flagyl are typically used for him infections, but you need the right dose, and it’s possible something like Amoxicillin alone may not work, but is often a first line drug given. Augmentin is Amoxicillin plus clauvanate, which makes it much broader spectrum. Those are penicillins. Clyndamycin is a different type of antibiotic, and Flagyl even another class of antibiotic, so in case you are allergic to something those are three different classes of drugs. Those names are American names, I don’t know where you are, and you can look them up for more info.

However, I do think your mouth should be checked by a professional. If there is an abscess taking antibiotics alone will not cute it. Your mouth is in your head, near your brain, and especially infections in the upper gums can be extremely serious, and even fatal. I am not kidding. See a doctor.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.

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Cure not cute. Shit! Where did the ten minute edit go?

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A Walgreen’s clinic is alright to administer flu shots or to treat a sore throat. I don’t know that I’d depend on them for more than that. An urgent care clinic could probably treat the thread creator’s issue, but I don’t know that they’re legally bound to treat someone who cannot pay. The ER is. Not knowing what the TC’s financial situation is (he/she could have $5 to their name for all we know) the ER is the only route I can think of where the TC is sure to get the treatment they need.

(In fact, what makes the ER so expensive, as opposed to clinics and regular doctor’s office visits, is because they’re legally obligated to treat the patient regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.)

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I’ve used the CVS Minute Clinic for antibiotics for a UTI and for a Tetanus shot when I stepped on a nail, but they’re too expensive to use without insurance for what they are. They’re great if you have insurance (my copay when I was on Blue Cross was $5), and if you basically know exactly what the problem is and you just need a quick prescription.

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Well, the ER is more likely to treat it with big guns. Hell, my niece was under treated for a severe infection by her dentist after he cut out her wisdom teeth. He royally fucked up. I was so upset. Any doctor can be incompetent, ER or not, but if the ER diagnosis is correct they usually give big drugs, maybe even a loading dose IV while you’re there, which can speed up healing and relief from any discomfort.

Sure, go to the ER if you don’t have a credit card.

Any doctor should be able to treat that infection assuming there is no abscess.

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