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How do you vent out your anger and sadness?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) August 1st, 2008

When YOU feel like you want to punch someone square in the face, feel terrible and just want to cry… how do you vent out your anger? What do you do to stop yourself from thinking about that one thing that you don’t want to think about?

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projectile therapy. I go out in my yard and shoot, either targets with my bow or pistols, or skeet with a shotgun. The amount of focus and concentration it takes to hit your target completely erases all thoughts of anything else.

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no. actually, to vent: i write or dance. to distract myself: i read or dance.

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Get a blog, or journal, and make your entries private if they’re too personal….you may laugh on your problems one day when you read back on them.

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When I am alone, I let myself feel the anger, and then I do something physical to express it, such as hit or shake a pillow while giving my anger voice.

You are alone so you can say whatever you want. For example, “You stupid jerk. You broke my heart. You are worthless human being. How dare you hurt me like that?”, etc., basic stream of consciousness stuff.

Then when I am finished, I sit and breathe deeply for a few minutes thinking of the anger as having passed through me and having no power to affect me any longer.

The trick is to experience it, but not wallow, and not attempt to “not feel it”.

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Like marina says, do not stuff your anger, experience it. Yell, cry, curse, do whatever you have to do that doesn’t hurt anyone else. Your body will tire from the exertion, and you might even get lucky enough to experience an adrenaline high. Then relax. Do something simple and enjoyable—have a yummy snack, take a nap, watch some mindless TV—let your body and mind return to baseline. Its better to express your anger in the moment, than to hold it in for later. There will always be a later.

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I sit down with some beer and plot my revenge.

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Cry or listen to music long and hard. I find to tend that those two combined or individually can solve a lot of stuff for me personally. Whether it be anger, sadness, happiness, problem solving, loneliness, thoughtfulness, tiredness, anything. For some reason music and crying just about cover everything. Or eat biscuits. Biscuits are always good (especially after doing what Marina said). Oh lawdy I have cookie cravings now and it’s like 00:45 :(

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I cry and write, my most intense journals are so tear stained I can hardly read them. When I am done writing I listen to music and play online, if I’m still not feeling better I watch The Godfather.

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I run until I can’t.

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I punch the nearest object that I see. Lucky for you, I don’t get mad that often.

When I’m sad I, lay on my bed, turn down the lights and listen to soul by Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, or Tupac. Then, I lay there thinking about how my life could have been different, for better or worse.

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If I am near a guitar I pick it up and play my frustration/anger out….....then I take it and beat someone over the head with it. Seems to be working out good for me so far

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Paintball. You get out all of your anger because it leaves when your adrenaline kickes in. Case in piont, during Paintball. You get the satisfaction of shooting people, without actually seriously hurting them…sometimes.

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I like the idea of paint ball but I’ve never done it myself as I’m too scared :P plus I hate social situations with strangers :S so random paint ball would be scary.

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