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Why does Firefox occasionally stops talking to the Internet?

Asked by jrpowell (40552points) July 21st, 2007

About every 2 days, sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 6 days and Firefox will refuse to talk to the Internet. Two days is just a average. Other apps like Cyberduck and Transmission continue to work properly. Firefox just starts refusing to load pages. Google Browser Sync also fails.

OS X 10.4.10 on Intel iMac
Firefox (same thing with

Extensions installed:
Adblock Plus
DOM Inspector
Google Browser Sync

I have tried deleting my profile and all Firefox related items. Same problem. Is this a known issue? I Googled and came up with nothing. Any ideas?

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firstly I would try to run firefox without any extensions,add-ons or skins and see if it still crashes . if this fails, try reinstalling firefox

I personally think that for mac os x, camino is the most stable browser

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Crap.. I didn't think about Themes. I use GrApple (Eos Pro) 3.4...

I will trash that and see if that helps. I just wish the default Firefox theme wasn't such shit. I didn't think a theme could fuck things up.


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