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What does "misleadingly provocative" mean?

Asked by allengreen (1631points) August 3rd, 2008

This was used by one of the “Fluther Gods”—the God that jumps into a thread, levels accusations against the author of the question, then cowardly does not respond again to provide clarification. Help please

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Here is a fabulous example of a question that is “misleadingly provocative.”

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I didnt know there were Fluther Gods. Moderators, yes. People who have been around along time and got loads of points, yes but actual Gods…

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Misleadingly provocative refers to something that is actually very provocative, but not phrased in that manner to avoid looking provocative and the author looking like an ass who wants to start a fight.

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@rh Unfortunately, allengreen failed in the latter.

misleadingly: “Deceptive or tending to mislead or create a false impression ”

provocative “serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate”

Why does it matter who said it to you, allengreen? Andrew just gave voice to what many of us thought.

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So what would “misleadingly benign” mean? That to me makes more sense than mis.prov. (Where did Andrew, speaking of Deities, say this? Please link.)

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Wait sorry, didn’t dland already answer this in the original thread? Why are you asking this again?


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AG: Is this question really necessary? I thought we were all over this…

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@ RH Good catch. He did. Oh no, now he’s repeating himself!

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I think this is a bit of a silly discussion. This was already answered. **Stops following**

Oh, and Lightlyseared; Do you want to go to jelly-hell? :)

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Sigh. And the overtly hostile atmosphere returns. It was so peaceful for a day or two…

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Hostile indeed.

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