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Good mini amplifier to use with iPod & hook up existing speakers?

Asked by gcoghill (139points) December 8th, 2007

Looking for a way to set up an iPod-based “stereo” by just hooking up an iPod to a small amp so I can use speakers already owned. Something with a built-in iPod dock would be a plus, as would some sort of remote control.

Part of the goal is to keep the size factor down, trying to eliminate my big bulky receiver/amp component setup. Also a possibility of wanting to hook up a TV/DVD player at some point in time.

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A terrific option is the Sonic Impact 5065 Gen 2 T-Amp. Available at amazon for $59.99

It’s a digital amp which means it’s small, sips power, can run on batteries, but puts out a surprising amount of clean sound. The original t-amp sold for $29 bucks. It’s now practically a collectors items. At last looks folks were asking over $80 for a used one.

No ipod dock but this device satisfies your other requirements plus it can be portable or AC-powered with the included power supply.

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I think I vaguely recall the T-Amp – was the top curved? This does look like it just about hits the mark, and thr price is way cool if this has the sound you say it does.


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