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Is anyone part of a Nintendo Wii Wi-Fi online community?

Asked by sofia (153points) August 3rd, 2008

I recently got a Wii along with Mario Kart and have discovered that the poor reviews of Nintendo’s online play were quite unfortunately accurate. I’m looking to join one of the online Nintendo communities where people can share their friend codes and organize races, but I’m not sure which one to join. Right now I’m scoping out Nintendo WiFi Community ( and OneClick Wi-Fi ( If you are a member of either of these communities, I’d love to hear a little bit about them (what you like, what you dislike, usability, etc). Or if you can recommend an alternate site that would be great too.

Here’s a little more information about what I’m looking for: A few of my friends also have Wiis and Mario Kart, but not enough to fill up an entire room. Unless I’m missing something, it’s prettty much impossible to guarantee that you play with your friends and some random other people in a regional or worldwide race (I’m aware of the “Join Race” option in the “Find Friend” part of WFC, but as I understand it, this only works if the race that your friend is in has some empty slots and in my experience most races are full). I’d really like to be able to play with my friends and some random other people so that we have a full race, it’s just more fun that way.

Any advice would be helpful and thank you in advance.

Also, here is my friend code in case you, too, are a Wii-owning Mario Kart fan: 2106 0475 6277

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Sorry, I’m still tryin’ to play my Xbox to death so I can justify buying the 360.

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If you find a site, I’ll join you. I have a few friends that go to Taylor University with me and a few from home (Greenwood, IN) that would join!

Let me know. Comment on here or my Fluther profile!

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