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How often do dogs need to go out to pee?

Asked by jenjen567 (51points) July 21st, 2007

I am dog sitting this weekend and i dont want to oversleep and have the dog pee in my house.

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very young and very old dogs need to be let out more often because one hasn't established habits yet and the other just can't help it. You should be able to tell from the dogs behaviour during the day. Consider letting the dog out to pee right before you go to bed; I've no doubt that you will be so nervous about the situation that you will hear Fido if he thinks he wants to go out and take care of business. :-) You might consider setting yourself an alarm as well so you get up a little earlier in the morning just to let him out to relieve himself.

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Can you put the dog in a place where urine will be easy to clean-up? Maybe put them in the bathroom the first night to see if they can make it as long as you sleep. And I have two dogs of the same breed but about 10 years apart. The old one needs to go out often. The young one can hold it for about twelve hours. He is a huge dog, I'm sure it varies per breed.

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