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Can anyone confirm what this fungi is?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (16974points) September 16th, 2016

See photo
Found them just breaking the surface of the soil. I think I know what they are but not sure if a culinary celebration is in order yet

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It looks like some variety of puffball, which can be several different species, not all of which are edible. You’d probably want to take a spore print before guessing what it is just by what it looks like.

PS – fungi is plural, fungus is singular. :)

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It’s a Scleroderma (common name, “earthball”) of some sort. It’s related to puffballs, but is firmer and the flesh (spore mass) turns dark early on, whereas puffballs stay white for quite awhile.

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Hmmm, that does seem to be it. I thought possibly I had stumbled on to some truffles.

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I feel your pain.

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