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Where do you find buildings that are both earthquake proof as well as flood proof?

Asked by flo (12974points) September 26th, 2016

In some places most or all buildings are built on stilts because they’re so close to the body of water. But where is it common to build buildings that are both earthquake proof as well as flood proof?
Either earthquake and flood proof or resistant by the way.

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Large earthquake-proof buildings are kind of on stilts. They have bearings that let them ride out the earthquake.


The building floats instead of rattling around.

It’s like a car with rubber tires and shock absorbers, compared to riding on a rough road with wooden wagon wheels.

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@MrGrimm888 and @cheebdragon please provide sources?
@Call_Me_Jay I,m referring to a building But where do they have those houses/buildings in general routinely being built? Like this is one example but But is this building flood proof too?

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Hey now, space is a perfectly valid answer and we do have living structures there. A terrestrial alternative would be yachts

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Flood proof is not really possible.

Earthquake resistant is. The newer, taller buildings in Japan are made to sway. Not be stiff. Some have shock absorbers ,kind of like cars. I don’t have a book on the shelf about them, but it should be pretty easy to come by on Google.

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