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What type of pain makes you dangerous to be around people?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) October 2nd, 2016

What type of pain makes you so miserable that you might lose it and go Neanderthal on someone, for example, if you had a tooth ache no one better come near you, or an ear ache, back ache, hurting feet, or maybe neck pain, etc.? And when I say pain, I mean like level 8 or above pain, the throbbing, stabbing, crippling kind that hardly responses to painkillers.

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Physical pain doesn’t do that to me. Such pain is incapacitating to the point that I can only focus on relief for myself.

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Headaches kill me. I am a monster when I have one.

But normally a liter of water and a nap makes them go away. I avoid pills unless they get me high.

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Pain doesn’t generally make me hostile to others, as far as I can remember. I usually get shut down and focused on what to do about it. So I guess only if the other person is the actual source the pain…

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I also don’t become aggressive because of physical pain. I might have less patient, but that’s about the limit.

If I’m going to lose control, it will be as a result of emotional pain. Even then I wouldn’t completely lose it.

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I do not need pain to go Lord Beerus on yo ass.

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Withhold my morning coffee and see what happens to your face.

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Hubby had an undiagnosed infection that went on for five months (his doctor was a dud). He was in excruciating pain for most of that time. I discovered that I could not leave the children home alone with him because he was out of his mind with pain and might hurt them.

We never got a diagnosis.

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Rectal pain. If the other person is a pain in the ass, it makes me crazy.

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Just relax, and add some lube. It will start to feel good in no time.

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No pain can make me dangerous, just annoying.

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When they become a pain in the ass.

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When I was in transition my husband was embarrassed that I started singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” to try and channel the pain out. I wanted to slug him.

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No physical pain has or would make me go ape shit on someone unless of course they were poking the sore spot with a stick. Though the pain that I endure when people simply go stupid for no good reason pushes me to my limit of self restraint.

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