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Do lenses for digital slrs fit all of the same brand?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) August 4th, 2008 from iPhone

more specific I am looking at an Olympus camera that’s around $700 and just curious if the lenses I purchase for it would fit on something like the E3 from Olympus?

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They should, unless you’re talking about a different system.

Across brands no they will not work unless you get lucky and find a converter, which in the end you’ll have to use manual anyway and won’t get any exposure info etc.

With Nikon you can use all of their lenses since the early 60s.
With Canon depending on what camera you have, their EOS system only goes into the late 80s.

Unsure about other models, but Olympus.. yes all Olympus brand lenses (unless said otherwise by companies making third party lenses for the Olympus three-quarter system) will work on an Olympus body.

It doesn’t have to be Olympus brand, but it MUST be “made for Olympus dSLRs”
if it doesn’t say made for Olympus dSLR or Olympus Three Quarter system, then it will not mount, making it worthless.

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There is an amazing website all about digital cameras. I use it all of the time as a reference. It’s Hope this helps!

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