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Where can I find a DSLR camera?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 12th, 2008

my gf has been looking for a new DSLR camera. Our price range is between $400 and $600

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If she is a beginner dSLR person, your best bet would be to get a 2nd hand camera to start with. I would recommend a Nikon D70s. They are 6 Mpixel and there are loads of them out there from people who has upgraded to newer models. You would get one of those very cheap, most likely below 400 with a lens or two and accessories.

jrpowell's avatar has a Nikon D40 for around $480 with a lens.


I’m actually looking for one too. And I will probably go with the D40.

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My wife bought a D40x, just a step up from the D40 but well worth it. Fantastic camera.

Detailed review here:

Here for other camera reviews and links to places to purchase cameras:

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just be careful with those D40 cameras… they don’t fully support the entire nikon lens series where you find all the professional lenses. Only some special made ones fit that camera if I am remember correctly. Can be wrong on the one though.

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the best in that price is the D40 kit. The only real drawback as mentioned above is the lenses. Since the D40 body doesn’t have a motor built into it, in order to auto focus you will have to use lenses that have auto focus motors built into them. They have a tag of (AF-S) assigned to them. All of the newer lenses have this, so you won’t be able to use older lenses. Its a great deal for the price. She will be very happy with it as an all purpose camera. If you are dead set on that price point. If not there are plenty of other options.

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The wife and I have been really impressed w/ the Canon Digital Rebel xti (EOS 400D) purchased a year ago-10.1 MP, self-cleaning, and really good prices online-seeing as low as $450 for body only…you can get a basic lens and then add on in the mid $500s; for the range you’re pricing out you can probably eek out two lenses and a 4GB CF card or two within your budget range…

I would just be leary of all the online stores out there slangin’ these and others for less than that ($250 range and lower), as many of them are “B stock” that were either assembled in an inferior quality factory or with subpar components (janky)-either way buy from reputable camera companies and you’ll know what you’re getting.

B&H, Samy’s (west coast), are just a few off the top that I have used that seem to be on-the-level…good luck!

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Yeah, there are certain lenses made for the D40 models specifically, but you can get adapters for others and some work without adapters at all. One lens my wife bought was a little cheaper as it didn’t have the auto-focus servos for the D40x built in, but the photos she’s taken with it are some of her best.

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Your best deal will be from Amazon. Everywhere is shady, “grey market” hell. Trust me.

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check out
you can search by price range, brand, used or new, etc.

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Most of the pros that I know shop at B&H or Adorama. You know that you will receive what you order.

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