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Is Donald Trump losing it? (and I don't mean the election)

Asked by elbanditoroso (28831points) October 13th, 2016

I’m not a shrink, nothing like that. But I watch the news and listen to the radio.

What I observe is all kinds of irrational, borderline nutty statements. Conspiracy this and blame that. I don’t hear logic and coherence; mostly I hear rants.

Is Trump losing his mind?

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Donald Trump exhibits maladaptive behavior meant to buttress his warped worldview. He quite possibly has a mental disorder that is undiagnosed. It is inappropriate to state what that diagnosis may be outside a clinical setting.

What we are witnessing now are the outrageous lengths individuals will go to in order to maintain their own internal fiction. It must be noted that this behavior is not limited to Trump. His supporters are doing it, too. Faced with facts, they cling to their fictions. The pain of releasing their fictions appears greater than the pain of accepting truth to both Trump and his supporters.

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He had a mind?

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I think it’s astonishing that someone like him got this close I mean, this fucking close to being elected. The fact that he will be beaten only by a candidate marginally less hated than him should be enough to depress every US voter as to the political climate you currently find yourselves in.

As I said on a related topic recently, Obama aside, the Bush & Clinton families dominate the presidency, assuming Hillary wins, for what will be the last 30yrs…really, is that all ya got.

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I so love that most of my Fluther guy are against Trump. There is a ridiculous rumor going around that if they could repeal the 19th amendment, allowing only men to vote, the election map would look like this.
That turns my stomach.

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Oh, and Trump lost it long, long ago, but there were never any consequences because of his insanity because he has so much money.

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If acute psychopathic megalomania is synonymous with“losing it”, then he isn’t losing it; he lost it a long time ago!

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@Yetanotheruser It’s not acute, it’s chronic. It has been going on since he was kicked out of school in the eighth grade for being a bully. His father sent him to a private military academy to straighten him out, but he only bloomed there.

I swear to God this guy now shows every sign of being a chronic user of cocaine, right down to the fidgeting, lack of holding a linear line of thinking and absence of impulse control, the late-night twittering, and the sniffling. I’ll even lay a bet on it. When does he sleep?

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@Espiritus_Corvus acute chronic psychopathic megalomania

I stand corrected!

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