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Does it damage my teeth if I brush wipe them occasionally with a bath towel?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18817points) October 17th, 2016

Including brushing with a tooth brush , and flossing once a day with mouth wash? Or is it a clever innovative way to keep my teeth clean? I asked my dental hygienist and he didn’t know. It seems to work for me. I would like to ask the collective.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I think you mean “rinsing” once a day with mouth wash. But I don’t see the harm in wiping your teeth with a paper towel, or tissue paper between brushings. I wouldn’t use the bath towel.

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I don’t see any harm in it, but it’s not a substitute for a brushing. Although, a bath towel isn’t the best idea unless you wash it everyday. You don’t want to get teeth gunk on something you use to dry off your privates :p

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^^you probably should also avoid getting your privates’ junk in your mouth? Unless you do so before the other mouth cleaning exercises, I guess.

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Is your bath towel clean? Is this something you do as you finish drying off?

I would not want to put a towel in my mouth after drying off after my ablutions.

The towel isn’t abrasive enough to harm your enamel.

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Your bath towel is always going to come off second best in these encounters and may require counselling.

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If it was the only way to clean your teeth, then it would be very unhygienic, but since you said you also brush your teeth, then I guess there is no problem.

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Rinse with water between brushing flossing and using the mouthwash

Anyway the mre important than wiping with tissue paper or paper towel is flossing.

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It’s probably not worth the effort. The point of brushing isn’t so much to get stuff off the tooth surface you can see, it’s to get the bristles in the gap bristols between the toooth and gums. This is where the real problem is and where the damage starts.

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