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Could I use my PC gaming headset on my Xbox 360 slim?

Asked by lighthunter202 (5points) October 18th, 2016

Could I use my 3.5mm gaming headset on my Xbox 360 controller to hear both in game audio and also chat as well?

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The XBox 360 uses a 2.5 mm male connection. You would need an adapter to use that headset with the 360. So… yes and no.

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I glad you answered. I knew about that but if I were to do that would I be able to hear in game sounds and be able to chat because if that’s the case I’m sure you need a splitter to split the audio and mic. I’m not sure at this point really. I heard of using RCA to toslink would that work or only audio?

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There’s only one port, correct? The connection should allow you to use the mic and headphones without splitting anything. All the connections are included.

The RCA to Toslink thing sounds like a major PITA. I have no idea if it would work for your microphone (I doubt it). If you ask me the way to go is getting the 3.5 to 2.5 adapter and plugging directly into your controller. Why overcomplicate things?

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Should get a Turtle Beach wireless, does everything, even has a sexy woman’s voice ;-}

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I’m not trying to other complicate it. I read on another website that they used adapter and it didn’t work.

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