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Can you describe the worst date you ever had? I can.

Asked by Aster (19949points) October 19th, 2016

When I was nineteen in college somebody “fixed up his despondent buddy” who had just gone through a bad breakup by getting him a date with me! To a football game and I hated football! So my date was driving his car, the other two got into the back and my date never said “hi.” Nothing. We drove to the football stadium and he never spoke. Then we found seats in the bleachers and through two hours of football, which I didn’t even watch, he never said a word. Afterwards, he dropped me off at the dorm and didn’t say “goodbye.” I guess you could find some humor in this. I will say that, had I been this age at that time with my confidence I have now I would have escaped to the ladies’ room and never come back. What about you? Can you beat this one? Try?

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Well, there was the time I took my now-husband to my favourite Thai restaurant, and he got food poisoning from the undercooked salmon.

He still teases me about it, and I still maintain I had eaten there over 50 times with no problem.

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When I was a freshman in college I got asked out by a guy I hadn’t been interested in prior. I decided to give him a chance.

He was about to leave for a study abroad and his friends wanted to throw him a going away party, and we started running out of time for both the party and the date so they got combined.

I went to a restaurant with him…and about nine of his buddies. They were all juniors and seniors in computer science and spent the whole time making tech jokes that I didn’t understand (yet).

After the restaurant we went back to his apartment and played Cards Against Humanity (that part was fun, that was the first time I’d heard of that game) and then, well…

If you’re not aware of the “brony” phenomenon I have to explain now that there is a large population of twenty-something males who unironically enjoy watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was not aware of this phenomenon at the time either so they had to explain that yes, we really like this show, and just give it a chance, it’s great, you’ll see.

So I sat through a few episodes of My Little Pony. The magic of it was somehow lost on me.

A few days later the guy asked, “So, uh, was that a date?” And I said, it’s whatever we say it was. Then he left on his study abroad and asked if I was going to wait for him to come back, and I had to break it to him that I hadn’t really felt a connection.

So that was a very awkward “date.” Could be worse I suppose.

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I have had a few bad ones. One memorable one was with a friend’s cousin I had gone out with a couple times over the years. When I moved back to her area, I asked her out to dinner. (We hadn’t seen each other in about four years at that point.)

When i got to her place, she said. “I’d offer you a drink but I don’t have anything.” No big deal, although she seemed a little stoned.

We get to the restaurant, and just after getting our second cocktail, we get seated. We are nursing our drinks while we look at the menu, we order and sit back to finish the drinks while the waiter brings a bottle of wine.

All of a sudden, she is just flat out drunk, after just two drinks. The waiter serves her the tortellini alfredo she ordered, and she starts shoveling it in her mouth. Before I can even take a bite of my meal, she was halfway done.

Then, she passes out, face down in her plate of pasta. She had alfredo sauce all over face and in her hair. I had to wipe the sauce off with a napkin, pay the check and get her out of there. (They were not going to let me leave her!).

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I have a bit of an unusual name.
So I met a guy through friends and he asked me out. I said yes and he picks me up. Before we get halfway down the block he says “I don’t like your name, can I call you something else”? Well, how about my middle name? He says “no, I don’t like that either.”
I had him circle the block and take me back home. It wasn’t as if he didn’t already know my name.

@aster. Love the question! I hope you get a lot of responses. I love reading these kinds of threads.

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@chyna OMG, what a jerk.

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I’ve almost never been on a date per se, and the dates I went on ended up being with someone I married or was in or would soon be in a serious relationship with. I find the whole dating frame of reference mostly alien and weird and awful. So I don’t have any hell-date stories.

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7 or 8 years ago now.
A city mouse meeting me, the country mountain mouse, at a local historical restaurant/hotel in my tourist area. There is no cell service in that location and the guy was so hung up on his cell phone that, at one point, he actually got in his car and drove a few miles up the highway to see if he had a missed call. He left me sitting on the patio for about 20 minutes while he drove around searching for reception.

Unbelievable, and not a match, clearly.

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We were doing the first-date icebreaker thing – hobbies and interests, where we were born and raised, how many family members, etc., etc.

I told him that my father was terminally ill. He smirked, sarcastically said, “How touching!”, and burst out laughing. Then, he told me that he’s “just a cynic.” I did the ladies’ room escape and left the cafĂ©.

The weirdest thing about this story – a few months later, he called and invited me to a Redskins game. I guessed that I was in his Little Black Book of potential girlfriends, and that he didn’t associate my name with the gal who’d walked out.

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I was divorced and this guy asked me out. He seemed like a pretty good guy so I said “Yes.” When he showed up he was wasted. He had taken some powerful something because he was so nervous about the date. I want to say it was Xanax. Later, as I was trying to gracefully end this disaster he said he’d taken “a lot.” I got the impression he thought I’d feel sorry for him for taking so much.
I didn’t realize how bad it was until we were in the car and he was driving. We had originally planned to go to Wichita, 60 miles away, but I convinced him that I really wanted to go to a particular place in town.
It was awful.

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Yes, but I can’t tell you about it. But it involves massive amounts of blood in the back of a Toyota Camry.

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Years ago I met a guy on a dating site.

He was creepy from the start. He said he loved feet, which is Okay but really on a first date??

Then afterward, I got a phone call from him, upon answering, his wife, yes wife, was screaming at me asking me why my number was in his phone?

Oh, I’ve had many of these types of dates.

One guy I met, who appeared quite dishy upon our first meeting, took me to coffee.He was single and ready to mingle, or so it seemed. He was approached by a middle-aged woman who was overweight at the table during our coffee upon which, she asked him why he was not at work.

Anyway, she phoned me later too, told me to keep my hands off her man, who was, by the way, a slacker, a scoundrel and took all her money all the time. I felt like saying ‘Enjoy him, you brainless cow’.

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@LornaLove: How did that woman (the brainless) get your number?

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My first date was probably the worst as I was young and clueless. We went to the cinema and sat bolt upright watching the film. After a bit I thought something should be happening so I moved my leg closer to hers. Then I moved it closer again so we were actually touching. She didnt move away so we sat like that for a bit until I felt awkward and moved my leg back again. We sat separately and not speaking for the rest if the movie and we never saw each other again.

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@jca it was in his phone, she clearly demanded it. I said brainless because really who would want a loser like him?

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@LornaLove: I agree she’s brainless, wasn’t disputing that. Stupid of him, too, to give his phone up.

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I was in college and there were two guys I barely knew but they had the exact same name. One was attractive; the other one was very unattradvie. So when the speaker announced one was waiting for me I ran downstairs and it was, shall we say, the wrong one. I got in his car, he drove around the campus for fifteen minutes. Neither one of us spoke then he dropped me off.
Until I began remembering these idiots I really thought I enjoyed college. Not sure now.
I know I can think of more. Hey; I was no dog, either.

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Here’s a doozy. I was seeing or beginning to date this guy. Just to ward off boredom. One day a girlfriend and I were walking downtown and I heard a snapping sound. I looked behind me and, as God is my witness, there he was snapping a full length horsewhip towards me and laughing. I was screaming and running. After fifteen minutes he disappeared.
Guess who I never spoke to again?
Come on; you guys can surely think of more than just one.

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I married my first boyfriend. My worst date stories basically center around a movie not being that good.

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@aster Ok, if it’s grammatically possible to have >1 worst date, I’m game. (I don’t think it is, but I’m still on board.)

I was in a relationship that wasn’t committed or exclusive; we were both free to see other people, and we both did. He had a big house party and invited me as his “date” – he picked me up at my home, brought me to the party, and was holding my hand and being very attentive. But, he also invited another girlfriend to the same party!

I’m happy to say that I handled the situation with tact and dignity; I saw no reason to embarrass myself or the other gal. She threw a tantrum, however, and screamed for a long time while breaking all sorts of dishes and windows. All the other party guests left.

Needless to say, I didn’t wait for the guy to drive me back home. I called a taxi and left with my head held up and proud (as I walked out and into the taxi, she stared in stunned amazement). Also needless to say, that was the end of this guy and me. I didn’t mind, in the least, that he saw other women, but I minded having been demeaned in that manner.

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I’d definitely mind that he wasn’t open about the open relationship with the other girlfriend. Poor girl. Though breaking stuff and causing a massive scene was not a great idea.

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@Love_my_doggie How were you demeaned if she broke dishes and windows? She demeaned herself. And how do you break a window? Wow; she must have been very strong!
What was a catalyst that made her suddenly break things? You were quietly standing there, possibly alone, and dishes blew past your head?

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When I was 18 I “lost” my boyfriend at a party and a friend told me I should go look in his truck.
There he was, passed out with another girl passed out next to him, all disheveled and her pants were off.
I was so mad I snatched at my boyfriends arm and literally, ripped the entire sleeve off his long sleeved flannel shirt at the shoulder. haha
He woke up dazed and confused and so did the other girl, who was a friend of a friend and had pretended to be my friend too.

Lucky for her as I pulled her out of the car and had she not gotten up and run off I was going to cut all of her long hair off. I had a pair of scissors on standby that I retrieved from the party scene. haha
Hell hath no fury like a young women scorned. lol

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