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How can I schedule an email to be sent on a future date?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9878points) October 24th, 2016

Sometimes I want to write an email in advance and have it sent automatically to a group of people at some future date, say, when I might not be conveniently around a computer, or to avoid forgetting to send it.
I use Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, and have not figured out how to do this on any of them.
Can you help?

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There are a bunch of Gmail plugins that do this. I have only had to do this once before and used a python script and the task scheduler in windows. I’m sure there are better ways now with one of these plugins.

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You can do it in Outlook using “delivery options”. I do it occasionally for a distribution at 6 a.m. since I am not usually at my desk until 6:15.

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I use Boomerang which is a plug-in for Gmail. Sometimes I get email and want to write a response but I don’t want it to be sent immediately. I just wrote one now and it won’t go for an hour, but you can schedule emails for days into the future.

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You can do it in Outlook using “delivery options”.

This was many years ago, maybe it has changed. But when I used Outlook and scheduled email, the time stamp was the time I wrote the email.

So the messages would be buried way down in people’s email with the old messages, and most people would not see the new message.

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Hey, thanks, everyone. Looks like the only alternative for Gmail is Boomerang. The problem I have with Boomerang is that it wants me to give it control of my Gmail. I’m not sure I’d want to do that.

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I just remembered reading about a way to schedule outgoing Gmail within Google apps. It does require a little scripting knowledge, but Amit Agarwal shares the details at his Digital Inspiration blog. He is generous in sharing his Google apps wizardry.

How to Schedule Email Messages in Gmail with a Google Sheet

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Wow, the Gmail Scheduler looks like just the thing! Thanks, @Call_Me_Jay. I’ll try it and report back here how it went.

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Gmail Scheduler works great, @Call_Me_Jay. Thanks!

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