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Underground Utilities?

Asked by kingcantona (1points) August 5th, 2008

How do construction companies know they’re not going to hit wires and pipes? I am sure they have surveyors come out, but what kind of tools do they use?

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I was under the impression that the surveyors didn’t use tools, but had the town hall records.. since the town hall is supposed to update them every time pipes or wires are put in. When we had the pool put in the backyard a few months ago, they just had the drawing of the lot with dotted lines for pipes and wires and such.

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They use these.

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well that makes sense. LOL I’m dumb.

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Well, I just asked my dad before he went out now, and he says that there’s a number of things they do:

1) Firstly for electricity (and possibly gas, not water though, he’s not too sure) you can send a pulse down using something like what Harp linked to and it will pick it up and tell them if there’s a line down there (a CAT, or Cable Avoidence Tool)
2) Companies can obtain plans, I presume from local councils, power companies, gas companies, water companies etc. which will help them see where these lines and pipes lie
3) In the UK (as far as I’m aware of) companies are supposed to dig the first 600mm or so by ‘hand’ to ensure that if there is anything that it’s not as badly damaged as it would be if you used a large mechanical vehicle.

Hope this helps :)

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