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How much did your glasses cost and how much do you love them?

Asked by nikipedia (28080points) August 5th, 2008

If you could quantify your love for your glasses on a 1 to 10 scale that would be optimal, but I understand if that scale is too rigid for some people. I will then plot your answers on a graph to ascertain what relationship, if any, exists between cost of glasses and how great they are. If I have enough answers to make this graph worthwhile I will link back to it at the end of the thread. (Also your answers will be used to settle a debate between me and someone who is wrong.)

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I love my glasses at a 9. They cost $300.

I don’t know if this screws up your numbers… but my glasses aren’t prescription. They used to be prescription on the right side and plano on the left, but they were prescribed when I had an infection and, lo and behold, 3 days of drops made my eyesight 20/15 again and I didn’t need them. But I loved them so much that I had a plano put in the right side as well. I wish I could find them :(

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I love my glasses. I have more than a dozen. I get 2 with each bottle of Jack Daniels during the holidays

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I have to wear glasses to see; I just cannot do contacts, so my glasses are a fairly big concern to me. I have insurance, so I’ll give you the actual price and how much I actually paid. The fact that I had insurance did influence my purchase. If I did not have it, I would never have paid the full price for glasses.

Glasses: frame = $275; lenses = $85; total paid = $260
Sunglasses: frame = $365; lenses $105; total paid = $370

I like my regular glasses about a 7. I’ll be getting a new pair next year.
I love my sunglasses. I give them a 10.

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$500 (£279) – Oakley double down 2.0 – I hate them, they need adjusting every 2 weeks to stop them falling off my face. they do look very nice though

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Maybe you should just ask for frame price, or you will get too many variables. For example, my lenses cost a small fortune because they have to be specially coated, and are the type of bifocals that you can’t tell that they are. They have some other features as well, as do my sunglasses. If they were just basic glasses, they’d be much cheaper.

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My glasses cost me 5 Euros, they are the best shades I have ever had, and they make sunsets look like the fourth of July. Shades usually last me from about 1 day to 6 months, therefore, I never spend more then ten dollars. – I post about shades because you opened up the Fluther too it by your Avator. and mine are a 10!

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I’d rate them 4/10, don’t know exactly now much they cost but I believe they were free for me (insurance). I hate them pressing against my head and the edges being distracting (I’m distracted fairly quick). I like my contact lenses a lot more, though I dislike them being quite expensive and having to insert them every morning which can be a hassle when e.g. on holiday. I wish I just had perfect eyesight :(

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I love my sunglasses at 10, I have to pairs and cost me roughly $490.00 each, and of course I love my reading glasses at 9, two more pairs at $480.00 and $550.00 (frames only). I have my eyes on a new pair of sunglasses, those are going to be a lil’ bit more expensive :s

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My prescription sunglasses were $600 in the end and I don’t like them at all… sucks.. so maybe 3.
My regular glasses were about $350 and I would rate 8.

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My frames were 180$ and the lenses were around 90. I would give them a 7 out of 10. They are comfortable but they are looking a little dated. I bought these frames in 2000 and still were them. I have replaced them 6 or 7 times. If I lose or break them I just call and have them order the same frames. My next pair will probably be different ones. I just hate shopping for glasses when I can’t see.

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I think my glasses are about a 9/10, love-wise (from myself and sometimes from others). I think they cost about $320 overall.

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I wear Oakley’s, and they’re actually pretty nice. I didn’t pay for em though, I made a trade with my brother. I would never pay a lot of money for sunglasses cuz I I know I’d just break them within a couple days. That’s why I usually buy those cheap off-brand glasses that look the exact same as the real deal

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I am probably an outlier and going to mess up this graph, but I bought my sunglasses for 22$, and love it as a 10 but I also have a pair of Raybans, which would be an 8. The difference is, the raybans, though a LOT LOT more expensive, were a gift and not my own money i guess?

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I have bifocal RX regular light-weight glasses, ditto for sun glasses and a separate pair for the computer and the piano. They are all very expensive….$300 if I use the old frames. I am grateful to see pretty well, having gotten my first pair when I entered the fourth grade. I did spent my social life in HS squinting…then got contacts for college. All seems ridiculous now.

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I have rimless frames with progressive transition lenses and I paid $142 for them. These are by far my best pair of glasses I have had and I would rate them as a 10.

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