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Would you pose a question you have the answer to for the sake of sharing the underlying answer?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) November 7th, 2016

I was just about to ask about the origins of the Staunton chess pieces shapes. I did a wikipedia query which resolved it. But, had I simply asked maybe others would have been enriched.

How much sharing is lost here and elsewhere because the answer is found by the curious researcher without any difficulty?

Of course, anyone could find the same information if they were so inclined since it is available, but they might never think of the question.

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I think some people post questions so they can argue their point with the people who answer. After a bunch of those with the same people, I’m not as likely to answer their questions, I’ll just “follow.”

Some of the above will also post a question and then use it as a soap box to tell a story about their grandchildren or some other thing that they consider charming. It may be charming but I usually don’t read those because I don’t have time.

I know in the past, if a question was googleable, it would or could be modded off or the Jellies who would answer would post snarky answers like “Google.”

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@Ltryptophan Yes, sometimes I’ll pose a question I know I can research for the benefits and pleasure of the discussion.

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You could always ask a question that invites others to share something they have learned recently and post your own experience. That way you share and learn.

I would do this, but I’m unlikely to create a question that only allows me to share my knowledge.

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I asked some questions I know the answer to, or about something I have an opinion on, but I wanted to see others’ opinions.

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I use Google as a last resort. I’ll ask Fluther first, if it’s something that can wait.

I prefer to form my own opinion through observation. Then try to legitimize my hypothesis by bouncing them off of other’s heads .

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I’ve tried this but the snarks were in full force. I thought when I first joined Fluther that the point of Fluther was to ask questions that sparked a conversation, whether I could google the answer or not. I was wrong. So now months go by before I try my questions on Fluther or even come around to participate…

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I’m sorry that happened @DaphneT. For what it’s worth I do very much believe Fluther is for questions that spark conversation. Please stick around.

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Sure, many of my Q’s start off with my stating that this or that happened and I might provide a link, or I like this or that, or did you hear about this or that, then I might give a few examples, and then I ask everybody what they think/like/want/believe.

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Asking a question to answer it is not really a thing here, the way I believe it is at Quora (I just edited this, because I realized I’m not exactly sure what their practice is). The assumption of the collective is that if you ask a question, you need help with something, or are genuinely interested in other people’s input.

If you have your own answer to a discussion-type question, the safest thing to do is say what it is in the Details, then invite others to give their own opinions or experiences. But if it’s an information-style question, I’d advise against it. It’s just not what Fluther does.

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