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How bold are the pigeons where you live?

Asked by ragingloli (47283points) November 17th, 2016

Today I had one fly and hover right in front of my face, then land 30cm next to me, waiting for me to drop some scraps of food.

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Out where I live the only pidgeon you might see is in owl and hawk poop. Downtown in Chicago they will try and steal your lunch right out of your hands.

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One pigeon from a bus station was bold enough to come to my lap and wait for me to feed him. He saw me eating a sandwich.
When I was done eating and feeding him, he flew to another passenger.

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We have doves all over here. They look and taste like little pigeons. I have had them land and peck around just 5–6 feet away from me.

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Here are some of the Chicago pigeons mentioned by @Cruiser.

There is an eternal flame on the plaza in front of the city building, as a commemoration for the military. The pigeons crowd around it like hobos warming themselves over a trash can fire.

In my neighborhood it’s not pigeons, the squirrels are the bold ones. This morning I caught one stealing my neighbor’s pumpkin seeds.

I didn’t bother him, I like the squirrels.

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No pigeons in these hills except the occasional fancy homing pigeons that people keep and send out for flying exercises. Pigeons are intelligent birds, and I’m sure that city Pigeons have a lot of tricks up their wings to get what they want. Gotta appreciate smart birds. haha

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More finches, crows, and seagulls here. The seagulls are relentless. They’ll attack en masse to get at an empty pouch of crisps.

The crows are the coolest. They hang out at the park, but they don’t mob you. And they’ll bring you presents if you feed them, sometimes.

Finches don’t bug anyone – there’s just a bazillion of them all over the place.

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My “pigeons’ are called seagulls and they are, as @Seek says, relentless.

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The pigeons on our land are very wary, might have something to do with the gardener & his shotgun.

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We have pigeons in the city, but not so much where I live. More likely to see a cheeky kookaburra or a blue-faced honeyeater. And they’re cheeky.

It was roasting hot here one day and we were all in our pool, sorry edit, the bird bath. There were a heap of birds sitting on the pool fence glaring at us and quite obviously letting us know it was time for us to vacate their bird bath because they needed to cool off too.

About a week ago, we noticed a blue-faced honeyeater flying into the laundry to drink the dogs’ water and to steal any bugs that might have ended up in their bowl. We had an invasion of Christmas beetles, so finding a bug in the bowl wasn’t unlikely. Then it would fly into the house, into the rumpus room and make a ruckus so we’d open the door to let it out. I haven’t seen it this week, so perhaps it’s moved on.

I was watching some crows at the local cafe. They were waiting in line to pick at some food someone had left on a plate.

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@Earthbound_Misfit A ruckus in the rumpus room? Sounds like fun!

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Pigeons in Boston are jaded, caustic, and just as likely to flip you the wing as take a scrap of food from you. “Flying Rats” they are sometimes referred to.

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@cookieman I’d flip you the flipper if I were in Boston!

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Not nice Penguin. Not nice.

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Oh, just flip ‘em the entire bird! haha

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Yeah. Seagulls in my area too. They’re crazy. If you try to be nice to them, they all attack you and each other . They can’t really hurt you. But they’ll steal food right from your side if you aren’t vigilant. Fun to watch them rob tourists . They seem to understand that kids are easy targets too. They’ll grab stuff right from their hands.

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The pigeons here are very bold. They are experts at walking amongst throngs of people in the city centre without being stood on. If you happen to be eating something they come up close demanding to be fed. They get on my nerves.

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I was feeding the seals, and the pigeons would swoop down and take the fish out of my hand while I was throwing it.

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