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Do you pick women up or get them Uber?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) November 17th, 2016

Uber has to be one the greatest ideas in the history of ideas. I can’t even remember what life was like before Uber. My days of being out front, nowhere to park, and she isn’t ready are over forever. I can even get myself an Uber and meet her at the restaurant and not drive at all. I’m obviously on team Uber—How about you?

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Yes definitely. My boyfriend (when we first started dating) would call me an Uber :) I thought it was so sweet, like a gentleman. It’s very convenient, and I hate driving, so it works out. I totally agree that it’s a great thing ! And you can also track where your guest is :)

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Maybe I am just an Old, but the women I know would never go on a second date with anyone who sent an uber to pick them up and deliver them as if they were a pastrami sandwich from the deli.

If one is so inconsiderate as to not pick up one’s date, then maybe one should not date for a while until one learns some manners.

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If I’m not being physically picked up, I’m organizing my own ride.

I have absolutely no desire to be bound to a taxi driver’s timeline because someone else is paying the tab.

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All I do is text “let me know when you want me to order you an uber” and I’m done. No getting aggravated by traffic and parking. Now I have more time to get ready, plus my phone tells me exactly when she will arrive. Uber makes life so much easier. I feel bad for anyone who still has to pick women up.

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@rem1981 If you texted that to me, I would text you in a couple of years, and say, “I’m getting married, please order me an uber to take me to the church”.

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If you’re not picking me up via warhorse then fuck off.

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Whoa, cool off. Everyone is different. He did pick me up in his car, as well. We lived far away from each other during that time.

We have different views then. I’m a millennial. He is very considerate and sweet. Opens the door for me, always pays the bill, makes me laugh, is nice, etc. Don’t hate just because I took Uber a few times? Everyone in my city takes ubers. Even in New York the men will either pay for the taxi for the woman or uber.

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@FlutherBug I wasn’t criticizing you. If it makes it easier for you and your boyfriend, great.
I am critical of @rem1981‘s attitude. It;s such “bro” view of life, like all the women should be so lucky that he sends a driver to get them delivered

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It’s called being efficient. And I agree, cool off, women like being picked in an Uber. It’s a win/win situation.

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