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Which newspaper, TV, radio, has been seen the most reliable during the election 2016?

Asked by flo (13313points) November 18th, 2016

Which newspaper, TV, radio, has been the most reliable? That is, not being seen as a friend of right wing or left wing? Which one (or ones) have been cited the most by both sides as reliable sources of information? NYT is seen as the friend of the left by the right wing, (and would it be Fox?) seen as the friend of the right.

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The Daily Show on Comedy Central and CNN.

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@RedDeerGuy1 But are the right wingers citing them? I think they have been/are constantly bashing them as friends of the left, Clinton, democrats. Obama…

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CNN handed Trump Lots of airtime. Good or bad they might have handed the presidency to him.

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CNN and Fox and…many others.

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CNN and and Daily Show etc., are cited by the left not by the right wingers regarldless that CNN gave him a ton of airtime.

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NBR (nightly business report) on PBS is fair. They don’t pick sides.

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It is not in the right’s interest to cite truthful sources, so they won’t. Your criterion that both sides cite a source equally will not result in the “most reliable” source.

The “most reliable” source is one that reports only (to the best of its knowledge) truthful things. That cannot be judged by how many times anyone cites them. What you really want is a way to fact-check the sources. Or to be knowledgeable about what they are reporting on.

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Trump was shocking and exciting. All the media game him more exposure than his content deserved. Even NPR went on and on about him every day. He’s like a belligerent Chance the gardener from the movie Being There. Trump spoke in kindergarten simplicites and was judged a genius by a majority of the electorate.

I won’t even listen to NPR any more. The deed is done, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t want to know who’s in the cabinet. I don’t care to hear another word from Clinton for the rest of my life.

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I came away from the election not trusting the media, period. And me, an ex-newspaperman!

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Reuters or Al Jazeera.

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@flo IMHO Drudge has checked all its sources and pretty reliable. Our main stream media have shown us they cant be trusted to tell the truth.

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On the 9th, I posted on my FB page a passionate expression of my bottomless disappointment, sadness and fear about Trump’s win. The next day I deleted it, realizing that after so many exhausting months talking about him, reading about him, hearing about him, thinking about him, debating about him, and worrying about hin, I’d totally HAD it with him, his family, his surrogates and supporters, his voters AND with the straight news and comedy news media that I believe helped get him elected by keeping him in the spotlight for so many months.

Happily, I haven’t read a single news story or watched a single TV news outlet since and fervently intend not to in the foreseeable future.

Life’s too short.

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There are no trustworthy news outlets. None.

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Is there a reason everyone is focused on American news sources? I see @Hypocrisy_Central referenced Al-Jazeera, but you might also consider BBC and CBC, both of which cover international politics.

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^ The BBC was a close third.

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