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Do you think the internet is becoming more judgmental, and at the same time more judged, than any other time in history?

Asked by luigirovatti (1343points) February 4th, 2019

Not always the Web, also TV, radio, newspapers, by Experts, VIP, and in general, by every person with a bit of culture (and doctrine). And then, you wonder if the future is gonna become like “The Circle” movie of 2017.

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You mean, the medium, or the users?

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The people behind the medium, obviously.

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I especially like the last sentence.

In a internet society where in the past only a smaller percentage of people know about a person it is an increasingly more powerful means to get more people involved in ones own business.
It thus creates a judgmental attitude and thus keeps its users glued to there computers.
Gossip, generates interest and they do this on a big scale. Its all to generate users to the Net globally.

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Absolutely, which is sad because the exchange of ideas and information is faster and easier than ever, but all we seem to strive for is judging and being nasty, instead of trying to find solutions to problems or make the world a better place.

Like @Inspired_2write says, gossip and nastiness help create users while decreasing actual intellect. It’s like a world watching the Kardashians instead of PBS. Dumbing down society. I don’t know how some of these people survive life in general if this is the extent of their critical thinking.

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@KNOWITALL “I don’t know how some of these people survive life in general if this is the extent of their critical thinking.”

They become President of the United States.

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