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Do you suggest a book or YouTube video on researching research methods ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18834points) November 22nd, 2016

Or Wikipedia article? For fun. Any discipline. Hopefully in philosophy or mental health.

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To quote the old Nike ad, Just do it!

Pick a topic and either get a book on it or look at online lectures. In the area of philosophy, I highly recommend Michael Sandel’s Harvard lectures on justice. Instead of some BS talk about mental health, take a look at Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on human behavioral biology. I have heard good things about Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow, which is on my short list of books to read.

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If you are doing s research for fun, the “X for dummies”, some casual Youtube videos, or Wikipedia should be enough for you. If you are doing a serious research, hit the library. I recommend visiting the Internet Archive, they surely have some works for you.
When it comes to philosophy and psychology, I am not really an expert, but I used to watch crash courses by Green brothers. Here they are. [1] [2].

I also recommend The School of Life, Actualized. org and Wisecrack.

When it comes to Wiki, check out the references and sources, and read the works they used to make the article. You’ll get plenty of info there.

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