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What are the things that you shouldn't be ashamed of?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) November 26th, 2016

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If it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, there is no reason to be ashamed of it.

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being anti american

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^^ haha.. just like you..)

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Your ethnicity and being a victim of abuse.

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Your past, because you can’t change it.

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No one should carry shame regarding their family, especially things that embarrassed you as a child. You are an individual, and it doesn’t matter if your parents or other relatives are embarrassing, or do things outside of norms, you should not carry that burden in your life.

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The things that arouse you sexually, since it’s not a matter of choice for anybody.

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You should not be ashamed or afraid to give to homeless folks. When you’re so moved by a face or even just a scribbled sign, give them a dollar or two, and do not concern yourself with how they spend it. If you choose not to give money, stop and say hello at least. Look them in the eye. Give them a bottle of water or some sort of packaged food. Give them a smile and wish them good luck of a blessing, ACKNOWLEDGE these folks. They deserve it and you owe it to them.

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You shouldn’t be ashamed of your race, religion, your own opinions, who you love, & if you want to masturbate (most religions won’t let you). An if you don’t like your country & how you may raise your kids differently (if you have children) then how your parents raised you.

There are a lot of things to not be ashamed of :)

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@AnonymousAccount8 I’m not sure I agree with you. Being arroused by a 5 year old is pretty deviant to me. I can’t understand it, and I’m glad I don’t.

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@JLeslie I’m glad I’m not aroused by five-year-olds, too. My sexual urges are conventional, and that makes me lucky in comparison to pedophiles.

I honestly believe that sexual attraction is not something we can control, which is why we shouldn’t be ashamed about it. No one would choose to be a pedophile.

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^^Should those people carry shame about being pedophiles?

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As important that it is that pedophiles not act on their urges, think the shame and stigma around pedophilia probably prevents a lot of from them from getting help, which is counterproductive.

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Wow, I am ashamed of how badly I butchered that last response.

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I would say our body / our looks. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it which many people are. It’s the person inside that matters most than how he / she looks from the outside.

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Going Gray or going bald.

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Voting for Trump

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Getting old. Having a mental illness.

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Breastfeeding in public (You don’t like it? Don’t watch. You being disgusted by a nipple does not mean we all should listen to a screaming baby.)

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@Sneki95 I hadn’t realized there was a stigma against that.

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@AnonymousAccount8 [1] [2] [3] [4]

This is only a problem in America, apparently. Still, it’s ridiculous.

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Thanks for the links, I know what breastfeeding is.

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Most of America actually doesn’t freak out from breastfeeding in my experience. It’s just a few people and the breast feeding fanatics make a huge deal about it.

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@JLeslie that has been my observation as well.

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I hadn’t realized there was a stigma against that.
As a sidebar, but fit for another time, when it comes to breast in the US, how much you can see, how much you think you see, where, and when it becomes a very two-faced, nebulous dance with no true steps, but again, a discussion for another time.

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^^ i think you’re mixing 2 separate questions.. second part belongs to another thread on married people..)

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Oops, caught it before you did.

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Whatever gross things your body does.

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