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Where does Moon hide and why?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) November 28th, 2016

Just came home, it’s near midnight. I saw a bunch of stars shining brightly, but no moon in sight.

Where did the moon hide? Did it do something wrong and avoids us out of shame? Did he get in a fight with his sisters?

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He’s being followed by a moon shadow.

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@chyna Nice song, thanks.

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Someone is trying to shoot the moon….

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Firstly, the moon is a she, the sun a he. ;) she will be on the other side of the world or hiding near the horizon :)

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She’ll be back in ten days.

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It probably just went to the restroom.

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Moon hides her visage
humanity waits, imploring
for the return of light.

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Why? we ask repeatedly
Why do you withhold your light
and deprive our eyes joy?

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Moonlight, enigma
harsh words hide our naked shame
careless feet leave marks.

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@elbanditoroso Those ambitious bastards, they scared the moon away!

@tan253 In my language, moon is a he, star is a she, and sun is it. That is how I’ll always see it. interesting how languages affect our perception, isn’t it…

@zenvelo I hope so, I haven’t seen him in a while.

@rojo Was that yours? I liked it.

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Yes, It was my work
Sometimes my mind, like raindrops
sparkle light, reflected

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Yes that’s true @Sneki95 – I named my daughter after the moon goddess!
Stars are she – how romantic.

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Maybe she went to a moondance – it was a marvelous night!

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