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What s the stupidest thing you have ever put on backwards?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) November 28th, 2016

We’ve all put on T-shirts and underwear backwards, but today I was trying on hoodies at the Goodwill and I managed to put one on backward. Handy if anyone had been there – I could have easily hidden my embarrassment.

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I felt pretty silly once for trying to put on a sweater not backwards, not inside-out, but upside-down.

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I remember watching a lecturer giving a lecture with his tee shirt on inside out. We didn’t tell him.

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The Beatles album where Paul is dead.

Old people joke

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I am a man who was putting on a dress for a skit in college. I thought it went over my head properly, but one of the girls helping said, “you’ve got the darts on your shoulder blades.”

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Dress pants. I wasn’t paying attention and went to work with my pants on backwards. They felt a bit odd but you know, sometimes things feel weird. Then I looked down. The back pocket flaps were just over my hip bones. Stylin’.

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I don’t know how you could try to put a sweater on upside-down, @Mariah, unless it was pretty new-age? Large neckhole? lol

T-shirt lecturer was probably not terribly uptight? @Earthbound_Misfit

You mean, it wouldn’t unroll, @RedDeerGuy1? That’s not stupid. It’s life. I hate applying condoms.

I dunno The Beatles, @Call_Me_Jay. Before my time. I’m aware, but not a fan.

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I don’t know how you could try to put a sweater on upside-down

Here you go.

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A locking doorknob… mattered.

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Conditioner and shampoo.
Locking car door and grabbing keys from ignition.
Baking and leavening.
Sitting on the toilet and refilling TP.
Releasing clutch and shifting into neutral.
Flossing and brushing teeth. Actually, a friend and I recently discussed this one. I always brush then floss. She always flosses then brushes.

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Oh, I didn’t get far with it, lol.

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Doctor Demento’s song, “Fish Heads”. The B side of the 8-track is the song, backwards.

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the underwear

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I’ve definitely put on underwear and shirts backwards, but it’s my tendency to sometimes try and get both my legs into one pant leg that I find most stupid.

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Underwear and sweatpants!

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@ibstubro “The Beatles…I’m aware, but not a fan.”

Heathen! It’s as if I don’t even know you…

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@DominicY got my biggest LOL, I think. If you combine his image and the post, its hilarious!!

I was the generation AFTER the Beatles, @Love_my_doggie.

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hot oil and water

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Some idiot put a new lock on my mom’s house when it was foreclosed on. (The locksmith was about 1 week early.) He (or she) put the bolt in the front door backwards and didn’t catch it. Or didn’t want to. The door couldn’t be shut without pushing the bolt in, holding it, and closing the door. And the door wouldn’t stay closed. The slightest breeze would blow it open. What a douche!

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@ibstubro “I was the generation AFTER the Beatles”

I was born long after Shakespeare, yet I rock the Bard.

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But the chronologicallly next generation tends to dislike “waves” of culture. By the time I came along, the Beatles were the band that had a good song now and then, but the stations played the B side as much, hoping to predict a hit. About the time news was noise I had to endure news until The Wonderful World of Disney, so the Beatles drama was a distraction.

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I went side to side first, then down up.

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