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Why would my smart phone have trouble texting photos?

Asked by jca (36002points) December 1st, 2016

Lately, when I try to text a photo, the “wheel” goes around and around for five minutes or more.

This problem occurs no matter where I am – at home, at work, out in a parking lot or in a store.

My phone is Motorola Galaxy 4. It’s over two years old but it’s still a good phone.

Should I delete something or sync something?

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Maybe the data Is turned off. Try turning on and off when not used.

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does it work when you have a wifi (not cell) connection?

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It texts messages fine. I can go on FB and check the internet and stuff like that.

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Does your plan include picture messaging?

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@Stinley: Yes. I’ve been sending photos and it’s been fine until recently. It will send some of them now but it may take a half hour sometimes.

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I just asked a question about texting pdfs. All of a sudden on my new iPhone I can’t do it. My last iphone I didn’t have a problem. The answers were technical and I still need to concentrate on them. Whole thing is frustrating. From what could gather it had something to do with it going in iMessage instead of regular text or vice versa. I didn’t understand it all.

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Did you try turning it off and on again? Sorry if this seems obvious but I often forget this!

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Do you have an anti virus program on it?
run it then see what happens, my android tablet gets bogged down some times I run a scan it says it cleared two threats and then seems to be right as rain.
And as others say try rebooting it.

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I just googled it and there are these tech forums where people discuss problems such as this. I found one and I read through it. One user said he turned off the power saving mode and it works fine now. I went to “Settings” and turned off the power saving mode, and then went to some photos which were failures and I clicked on “try again” and they went right through!

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