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My Kindle Fire seems to steadily lose battery life even while it's in sleep mode - troubleshooting advice?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) December 6th, 2016

My Kindle Fire 6” (5th gen) seems to steadily lose battery life even while it’s in sleep mode with all radios off (no wifi, BT, or GPS). Like 1% an hour. I bought it new from Amazon less than half a year ago, and it hasn’t been used very actively so it can’t have gone through that many charge cycles yet.

No third party apps installed except Netflix, so little chance of anything doing background activity during sleep (although please let me know if there’s any way to test this).

Anything I should try or investigate? (Or is it just not a very good battery they use in these low-cost devices?)

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Sounds pretty normal to me.

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Never seen anything like a 25% loss after a day in sleep in any other relatively-new device

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here is some information on how to conserve battery life in your Fire.

If I were to hazard a guess, it’s because you’re putting it to sleep while it’s still connected to WiFi, and you have background apps (like email) running.

The Fire hd6 is only rated for 8 hours of mixed-use battery life. It’s not a huge battery.

That said, 25% power loss in a full day is not surprising for a tablet computer. If you want a way to read books without charging daily, get a regular eReader. Those can last for weeks.

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I was going to ask if you are comparing to an e-ink LCD device like Kindle Paperwhite.

I miss the LCD phones that needed a charge once per week instead of once per day.

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Fire is a tablet and they have wimpy batteries. This is typical.

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Thanks all – I’m comparing it to all my previous experience which is with Apple tablets & phones (that have almost no loss while in sleep with all radios off). I see these are different beasts – still to be appreciated for low price.

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