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Wasn't the "rigged system" as Trump calls it, there before Trump decided to run for the presidency?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 20th, 2016
Does he think it’s rigged against billionaires who can practically try to buy the presidency?

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Of course it was. Trump feels the rules apply to everyone but him.

He had poor campaign staff who didn’t do their jobs, but Trump blames the system.

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The system only appears rigged to those who do not understand it. Many of Sanders’ supporters misunderstood it as well, and were unable to vote in the primaries.

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He should have known the rules going in. Even I know the rules. For a genius businessman he is pretty shitty at being a good businessman.

However the system is pretty fucked. We have the TV and Internet now. Information is all around us. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t just vote a few days before the convention at the same time.

You have Iowa that was on Feb 1st. Ours is on May 17th. We have almost for months more information about the candidates. Do you know how much horrible shit Trump can say in four months?

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Of course the nomination process is rigged. It is the party’s candidate and they can nominate whoever they want. They can decide who gets to vote for the candidate and even if they vote for the candidate. Both parties are the same in this respect. The rules for candidacy are put in place for the party and by the party. Trump is running as a Republican because that is his only road to the White House. Third party has no shot. The same is true of Sanders. The only road he has is through the Democratic Party. The major parties have resources and organization that are needed to have any chance at victory.

Trump is a master at ‘Branding’. He has use that talent to brand his opponents quite effectively. Bush was low energy, Rubio was little Marco, Cruz is lying Ted. Now Trump is merely trying to rebrand the Republican party as unfair and corrupt. If he can succeed in doing that, his supporters get more vocal and may even bring in some new supporters. It’s a trick but an effective one.

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Trump doesn’t know what KKK is or who David Duke is, @Jaxk?

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It doesn’t sound like you know who Trump is.

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It’s not rigged. If it were rigged, Trump wouldn’t be on his road to the nomination, Sanders wouldn’t have done as well as he did. Obama, Clinton or Reagan wouldn’t have have been elected President.

The last time a nomination was truly “rigged” was in 1968 with the Democratic nomination process. The establishment candidate, Humphrey, beat the anti-war candidate McCarthy (after Kennedy was killed) despite winning zero states. Anti-war riots broke out and Humphrey never recovered. After that, the Democratic party became, well, more Democratic and primaries actually meant something. The Democrats in 1972 elected McGovern as their nominee and McGovern swept Massachusetts and Washington DC in an electoral landslide.

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@Jaxk “I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” ....“So I don’t know. I don’t know—did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists.”
I don’t know Trump because he never said that or all the long list of even worse horrid things he said? How can someone who doesn’t know KKK or David Duke be a presidential candidate? Not knowing that is not something to be pround about.

@Rarebear I’m not sure anymore what rigged means or what he means. But what he’s talking about must have been there before he announced his candidacy right?

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Looks like the “rigged system” is working for “The Donald”.

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