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In the era of weaves and hair extensions, why do women still bother with wigs?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) December 11th, 2016

I was thumbing through a magazine a woman I knew had a fashion catalogue for women’s clothes. Part of the catalogue, about five to six pages had wigs women could buy. That made me think, in the era of weaves and extensions, why bother with wigs, as weaves are more natural, you do not have to worry about them getting twisted, blowing off, getting pulled off by hats, or hoodies, etc. you can swim in them and shower in them, seems like far more you can do with a weave and extensions than with a wig, so why do women still bother buying and wearing wigs?

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Women who have gone through chemo treatments are usually left without hair. They want wigs to cover their heads. There are other reasons that women lose their hair and need/want wigs.

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My friend has lost a lot of hair due to stress and I suppose alopecia. She could never attach an extension to her hair. I guess not all hair purchased is simply for extra grooming but rather necessity.

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I see Orthodox Jews wearing wigs. I think it’s the female equivalent of a yarmulke. That’s kind of obscure, though. I happen to commute through an Orthodox area when I bike to work.

Into the 90s, when there were still low-rent stores downtown, my friends and I would make plans – “Meet you at 5:30 outside Wig World, we’ll go have a beer.” The clientele was African American women, and it was culturally so far outside our experience (white guys in our 20s & 30s) that it was kind of a landmark.

These days I’m not aware of anyone wearing wigs other than the Orthodox and chemo patients.

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Cost. Extensions are expensive and they last 3 months. Wigs last a year or more.

Plus, wigs and falls you can take in and out, extensions are in period. Sometimes your thinner shorter hair is easier.

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I have clip-in extensions and wigs that I use for gigs. The in/famous bag ó hair. Lots of dancers have them. We want a change that’s only for a few hours. Don’t want long/curly/whatever hair for real life. Extensions/weaves are a much bigger commitment of time/money/style change than some people are willing to make.

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The best way of putting it, extensions are a pain in the butt, especially when they are sewn in. and the ones that are glued in leave a weird residue on your hair. Plus for long time wear, if they sew in or glued in are not done right, or your hair is naturally brittle, it can destroy your hair. So personally I prefer wigs. I can easily change my style and color anytime I want without destroying my real hair.

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Because they want to.

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I know a few older women who have thin hair and they prefer wigs. I’m guessing wigs are way easier than dealing with clip in extensions or sewn in extensions. They put the wig on, they take the wig off.

When my mom had chemo she got a wig, also. When you have no hair, there’s nothing to clip or sew an extension on to.

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I loved my extensions, but the biggest drawback for me (aside from the $) was when I went swimming it was too much hair. It also took way more time to dry my hair, although, it was faster to style it once dry.

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Toupee or not toupee…weave been hair before have we not?

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@Call_Me_Jay These days I’m not aware of anyone wearing wigs other than the Orthodox and chemo patients
On African American women I find it easier to tell but still more difficult than a weave, but the texture is similar to a weave do some wigs just look like an unbraided weave. On white women it is usually bad weave jobs, or more detectable on old women especially of they fail to tuck the Gray straggler under the end of the wig. Can’t say I have ever detected any Asian women of any age wearing wigs or weaves.

@chyna Women who have gone through chemo treatments are usually left without hair.
My thought was not women who had gone through chemo, which clearly have a reason for wanting to wear a wig, but those women who do whom have one. It just seems to me as a man who would wear a glued on beard when he has a beard or can grow one.

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A person might want to wear a wig for a cosplay or for a night of temporary fun that won’t be seen at the office on Monday.

It’s a style accessory for some people, just like a hat or false eyelashes or sparkly lipstick.

And it is no one’s damned business why anyone wears anything they like.

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^ And it is no one’s damned business why anyone wears anything they like.
It is also no one’s business of a person who has access to a bath or shower goes around reeking. Should someone do that and another comments I bet the first thing from your lips would be ”It is America, people have a right to go around stinking and it is no one’s business”. Still, some might wonder, there is still a right in the US to do that. No one is saying they can’t, putting way more in it than there is, but go figure.

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