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Would you compete in a Hunger Games esque competition to win $1.6 million?

Asked by Cruiser (40434points) December 15th, 2016

A Russian Billionaire is organizing this competition for 15 men and 15 women to spend 9 months trying to survive in the Siberian wilderness. All you get is a knife and the rules state….well there are no rules in the winner take all contest except the participants waive their right to sue the organizers no matter what happens to them, including if they are raped or murdered. Russian laws will apply to their conduct and if any of the contestants are caught on camera breaking any laws they will be removed from the game and arrested. Any Jellies willing to sign up?

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Lol, I’ll pass.

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Not my cup of tea.

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Fuck that noise

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No, let’s make that HELL NO! lol

Now if it was a tropical island and I had my 21 year body and energy then sure, sign me up but trying to survive in 100 feet of snow in Siberia with bears and siberian tigers in the woods, well, the odds are quite good that one will either become a frozen mummy or dinner for a tiger.

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No. If you are permanently injured, money won’t compensate in my opinion.

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No. I’d rather watch than participate.

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On one condition, I get to take my butler Carstairs, need him to buff my helmet see.

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I might if I were ne if those ‘A’ personality extremist types, and or an ex navy SEAL or something. Just a knife and rules I could no do it.

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9 months for 1.6 million? That’s not enough for nine days. 9 hours maybe.

They need to come up with a bigger prize, like $151.6 mission.

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Absolutely not. That kind of money wouldn’t even cover your hospital bills for the injuries you’re likely to sustain after taxes are paid.

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@SeekBear mauling medical bill…$200,000…that leaves $1.4 million for buying a beach front condo in Aruba and a lifetime of Mai Tai’s. The number people lining up for this challenge will 20 times the number of people who audition for America’s Got Talent.~

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