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When in dilemma do you listen to your heart or head?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) December 15th, 2016

As asked.

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My heart can play a role but it is my head that makes the final decision.

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I tend to listen to the Mrs, she who dares…wins.

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We argue it back and forth – sometimes one wins and sometimes the other.

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I no longer make a distinction between the two. Feelings are real and are largely what govern your quality of life. Would it be logical to make a decision that makes you unhappy? I don’t think it would be.

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It depends on the dilemma.

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A true dilemma, almost by definition, is choosing between unpleasant alternatives. For most people, that means choosing the least distasteful. So, in almost all cases, I will follow my heart even if it is a more complicated response than following my brain.

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Usually my head. It’s more dependable.

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@Mariah – i have to disagree on this one. Feelings are real for sure. But it may not be always wise to go with the feelings. If someone starts acting based on impulses i.e. without putting much thought on the consequences it will hurt him / her more at the end and make him unhappy.

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~ That’s what happened in recent elections.. people voted based on emotions and now no one knows what will be the consequences..!!!

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I listen to both then follow my heart.

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As @CWOTUS said, it depends on the dilemma.

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My head weighs the possibilities and my heart chooses the better option.

But you have just touched on one of my problems: I can be very indecisive sometimes. I can list too many possibilities and take too much time to evaluate them to choose.

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I listen to my brain…

But I will always hear my heart.

Sadly, my heart led decisions have rarely born fruit…

I can’t control how things make me feel.

But I can try to control my actions.

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