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What do you think of this as a possible response by SNL to Trump's comments?

Asked by LostInParadise (31905points) December 26th, 2016

I don’t know if SNL has issued any official statements in response to Trump. I know Alec Baldwin has said that he will stop portraying Trump as soon as Trump releases his tax returns.

If SNL did choose to respond, something along these lines would be appropriate:

We are greatly honored to be able to count the president-elect among our viewers, and hope that he will continue watching the show. We greatly appreciate that he has taken the time to critique what we do and, like all the feedback we receive, will be given due consideration when creating new material.

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SNL is second to Trump in terms of appreciation of large viewing audiences and both Trump and SNL are doing all they can to milk and preserve this potential for attention especially the epic moment when Trump says….“live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!.” I guarantee they have set the date already. The rating will be YUGE!

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I think your suggested statement is way too mild. I would respond as follows.

“We appreciate that the president-elect watches our show.

We remind him that this is a democracy, and free speech is celebrated and one of the most important American rights.

We remind him that humor, satire, and criticism of our elected officials is part of American history that goes back even prior to Independence in 1776. Presidents have not always liked being the object of humor, but this tradition is as American as apple pie and has thrived for 200+ years.

We further remind him that Saturday Night Live is an American television show that respects the likes of its viewers. SNL’s appeal is that it is irreverent and topical. We cannot imagine a democracy that does not have room for humor.

Finally, if the president-elect is uncomfortable with SNL’s topicality, we wonder how he will react when television shows around the world begin to make fun of him.”

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@elbanditoroso , You are not seeing the underlying message: There is no such thing as bad publicity. Keep watching and griping. It is great for ratings. We don’t care the least what you think. We will keep exercising and cashing in on our first amendment right to say what we want.

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I like the response you wrote. It has class. And that last phrase: ”...will be given due consideration when creating new material.” is a not-so-hidden threat of more critical comedy to come. I like it. But replace one “greatly” in the first two sentences with a synonym. Try not to use the same adjective or noun two sentences in a row.

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If Trump can’t take it he shouldn’t have run for president of a democratic country. Maybe Egypt, where satire is banned, would suite him better.

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Trump better get used to being teased and made fun of, especially with his buffoonery and his orange coloring.

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The only acceptable response is another scathing sketch.

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No. Any such statement would be a waste of time. The program should point out to the President elect that it is simply the job of SNL to make fun of Trump. It’s a job made in heaven, because Trump insists on providing the show unlimited shots at only the fattest and juiciest of targets conceivable.

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No response is necessary. They should just keeping doing what they’re doing.

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At least Baldwin hasn’t been arrested, yet.

In Turkey, well, the dictator there arrests people for insulting him… see article

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I am sure Trump would love to have such laws. He has spoken about making it easier to sue for defamation.

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So…..I don’t watch the show, how often does SNL show Jezebel Hillary in a buffoonish light?

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Not to worry, we will have 48 months of SNL skits and new material each week. The Trump will make sure to “act out” or be a bully at least one a day.

—Fritolay should make sure to be steadfast about the Cheetos Trademark.

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Trump only ran for President out of greed and ego. Fuck him.

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Too polite. SNL has made fun of every politician since the dawn of time, and most of them didn’t give them nearly as much material as Trump has. So getting prodded offends his delicate little sensibilities – fuck him. That’s the price he gets to pay for being an asshole so publicly. He doesn’t get to be immune to criticism for his outrageous behavior.

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Time to revisit THIS one. Our fool has elevated Baldwin to the status of priceless institution. If Baldwin decided to run strictly on his characterization of the fool himself, he would swamp both the fool AND the fool’s Democratic opposition.

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I like Baldwin’s hairdo and orange make up better the t Rump’s ! !

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