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What time of the year stresses you out the most at work?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19395points) December 26th, 2016

Mine is winter, the bad road conditions, the horrible drivers, the extra hours it takes and so on.
How about you?

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Most of the winter and the early summer. They are time for my finals. Nothing is allowed except sitting in one place reading textbooks. No going out either unless going to school. I’m seriously deprived of joy.

And I agree winter is horrible for commuting. You think snow is the worst but no, you can’t go without any protection in the heavy rain. And the road after rain, uuuuugh!

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I also find winter very trying. I spend about three months dreading autumn, then this year I also fell into a depression after autumn passed. It’s strange because the weather hasn’t been that cold. So I look back now and realize that I’ve spent months worrying about winter and it hasn’t been that bad at all.

I hate the cold, it does something weird to me. I have bad memories of the cold in my past and I think it could be that, or maybe I just hate the cold, not sure. I hate how mornings here are dark until around 10 am and even when it is light it seems to be a twilight, then it goes dark again around 3.30 pm. The overall look is dreary. I try and convince myself it is romantic and very ‘noir’ but it’s not working. You’ve inspired me to ask a question!

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When I worked in retail in Florida October through end of March was overwhelming. Other states it was just October through the end of December.

Currently, with the work I do now, Jan through April 15 will be the worst. That’s because there is increased business at the same time I need to ready everything for filing taxes.

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Winter since I work outside and can’t work much when there’s snow on the ground.

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